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FilGoal | News | Nader Shawky for Al-Joul: There are those who promote the existence of a crisis between Al-Ahly and Fathi … that is the full story


Nader Shawky, the undersecretary of Ahmed Fathi, Dahir Ayman Al-Ahly and the Egyptian team, believes that there are always people who want to promote the existence of crises between the player and the club regarding the renewal of his contract.

Al-Ahly officially announced that it will hold a “crucial” session with Ahmed Fathi next Monday in order to determine his fate from renewing his contract with the club. (See details)

Nader Shawky said: “It was agreed with Al-Ahly on Monday. It is very simple, but there are those who want to promote the existence of crises or problems.”

He added in his remarks with, “The whole story is that Al-Ahly’s first appointment was during Fathi’s absence in Cairo, and then they asked me to sit on his behalf, but Fathi requested that everything be done in his presence.”

“Then we agreed on a date last Sunday, but we were notified on Saturday that the club decided to close its doors, the meeting was canceled, and we definitely understood the decision.”

He continued his speech by saying: “Now when Al-Ahly informed us of the new date, we agreed directly. We do not know why bidding and promoting hearsay are not true that Fathi is trying to bargain. All of these things are inspired by the imagination of some and the truth is well known to the club with the evidence of setting a new date for the session.”

“We respect the Al-Ahly administration, led by Mahmoud Al-Khatib, and we know very well that the pressure exerted has nothing to do with the club at all, but rather are ways of acting individually and not under the instructions of the club.”

“I want to assure these parties – that this method will not work, and in the end the strong and respectful relationship between Fathi and the club will remain the basis,” he stressed.

He continued, “I assure Al Ahly fans that things are going well. Do not listen to rumors and attempts to distort.”

Nader Shawky admired, “I don’t know why some people kept my saying that Fathi has an offer that is 3 times the width of Al-Ahly. That is a fact.”

He concluded, “All matters will be resolved at the negotiating table, and we will see Al-Ahly’s offer and say our word.”

Ahmed Fathi’s contract with Al-Ahly ends at the end of the current season. The 35-year-old participated this season in 17 matches in various championships, and made two goals.

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