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Stephen El Shaarawy, the Chinese and Shanghai national team player, explained the situation in China after the outbreak of the Coruna virus.

The former Milan and Roma player told Sky Italia: “The situation is getting better. I am starting to feel life in the city, indeed in the whole country. We are doing a great job, and that is a message to the world.”

“From my house, I now see the traffic lights, people started coming out again, I think this is a sign at that difficult time, after the city was completely closed.”

“Now you can go to the restaurant and bar and this is a great victory.”

He continued, “I tried in these situations to find a solution from the club, when we returned in January and the league competition was postponed. We did not know the date or period of the suspension.”

And he talked about his future with the team in light of stopping the Chinese league without fixing the date of his return. “With the international stoppage in March, I asked for a solution from the club because my priority is to participate in the European Championship and I want to participate and be effective.”

“So far I am a player in Shanghai Chenhua and I think about the team and I cannot talk about this.”

“I left Rome not at the level of football, but rather I left my family. I miss Italy, when you travel to a world that is completely different from you, you miss many things.”

“I am lucky enough to return a lot to Italy. I thank the national team and they always communicate with me,” he said.

Al-Shaarawi won the Chinese Federation Cup title with the team after only 6 months with the club.

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