FilGoal | News | Vanguard of the Army in Joule: Ammar Hamdi borrowed us from Al-Ahly

Ahmed Mahdi, director of football at Talaea Al-Jaish Club, announced that his club has concluded a contract with Al-Ahly player Ammar Hamdi.

Ahmed Mahdi said, “We completed borrowing Ammar Hamdi from Al-Ahly until the end of the season.”

“The deal will be done officially on Tuesday,” he said in his remarks with

He continued, “It is expected that Ammar Hamdi will participate in the training of Al-Ahly starting from Wednesday.”

Ammar Hamdi, the 20-year-old Al-Ahly wing, participated in one match with the team this season, which was in the Egypt Cup.

Ammar Hamdi joined Al-Ahly from Al-Nasr in 2018, before he loaned himself to the Alexandrian Federation and returned again to the Red Genie.

Tala’at Al-Jaish are 15th in the league standings, with 12 points from 15 games.

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