Final Fantasy 14 reveals first details of upcoming ‘Island Sanctuary’ with Update 6.2

Saturday, July 2, 2022, 18 o’clock, 08 minutes, 58 seconds, Indochina time

After we present the news of patch 6.2 update, what will be added? And this is another new content that fans believe. Final Fantasy XIV They’ve been looking forward to experiencing it since its first release!

Island Sanctuary debuts at the same time. With the arrival of the Endwalker story in February 2021. but because of various problems causing delay so it was postponed untilLatest patch 6.2 Which is scheduled to update at the end of August.

Island Sanctuary Let the warriors of light live in a huge island for free! Explore the whole island collect raw materials invent things and build various structures There is a weather system like other areas in the game.

We can let our favorite Minions move around freely. And give a little name Pets are welcome, too cute.

Although this content is single player format, we can invite friends and Free Company members to visit our island as well.

by area Island Sanctuary will use a new currency. Of course, the inventory was separate from the others as well. There is also an open market for players to craft items to trade like a home decoration system. which is cool in that Players are not required to have Disciple of the Land or Disciple of the Hand classes. can fully participate in the content There are also special items that can be exchanged for purchase as well. More full!

Unfortunately, in Live Letter we didn’t get a chance to see a gameplay trailer. Because the team is still developing and fixing various bugs.

from the picture revealed We can see that the size of this island is huge as well! which the team preparedFlying system To facilitate the players as well. But the players themselves have to unlock to use it as well.

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And here are all the details that we know and summarize for you to see. Other additional revenues It will be revealed again in the next Live Letter, so please be patient!

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