Final Fantasy VII, VIII and IX get boxed on Switch

There is un an came out in Asia a “Twin Pack”Including Final Fantasy VII and VIII. This physical version of the two legendary RPGs of the PlayStation was playable in French but, import obliges, at the price of an additional cost to the purchase and expensive shipping costs. So those of you who are put off by this will be happy to hear that Square Enix decided to publish this box in our regions, more precisely the December 4 at the price of 40€. A slight additional cost compared to theeShop (where to buy both games would cost you € 35.98) which should not slow down fans of physical editions as well as those boycotting the dematerialized. Too bad, however, that the jacket remains so little worked.

As a reminder, the portage Switch of Final Fantasy VII, graphically basic, however, adds the possibility of speeding up the game up to 3 times (practical for all those wanting to grind as well as the unlucky ones who have to re-enter the whole Cliff of Gaëa upside down because they will have arrived at the boss with too few potions), an on / off switch for random encounters, as well as a much easier battle mode. Final Fantasy VIII Remastered, as the name suggests, has improved graphics compared to the original (3D models of the main characters, for example, have been reworked), and all the options provided by the version Switch of the seventh episode.

Those who have already acquired this “Twin Pack”In import will be able to import the physical version of Final Fantasy IX this winter: in a message since deleted, Square Enix Asia has indeed announced the release of this title (with a horizontal jacket that is the subject of debate within the team) which will also be playable in French, English, Italian, Spanish and German.

This portage Switch will also feature characters and cutscenes in HD as well as “seven gameplay upgrades including quick mode and random combat cancellation“. In view of the price of the version eShop, sold for € 20.99, we can imagine that this physical edition will be offered at a price of around thirty euros: to see if it too will make the trip to our countries in the future.

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