Final projection Bío Bío: Rejection will prevail with 61.6% over 38.4% of Approval | National

The first projection of La Radio gave 61.7% to the Rejection, but it was refined to 61.6% in the third and last update. At 8:16 p.m., with 88.08% of the tables counted, Servel reports that the Rejection accumulates 62.00% (6,944,426 votes) and the Approval 38.00% (4,256,165).

The Rejection will win this constitutional plebiscite with 61.6% of the votesaccording to the third and last projection of Bío Bío La Radio.

On the contrary, according to the analysis of our statistics unit, the I approve will receive the support of 38.4% of the population.

Tonight’s result means an earthquake for the government of President Gabriel Boric, who mortgaged part of his political capital to support the idea of ​​replacing the 1980 Constitution.

With 72.2% of the tables scrutinized, in line with data from Servel at the close of this edition, no region of Chile has said I approve of the proposal of the Constitutional Convention.

As soon as the first results began to come out, the President reacted to the scenario he feared.

In this way, the head of state called the presidents of the political parties to an appointment in La Moneda to give “continuity to the constituent process.”

The appointment is tomorrow at the Government House, but according to the senator and president of RN, Francisco Chahuán, Chile Vamos has to talk as a sector before talking with other agents.

From the UDI, its senator and leader, Javier Macaya, affirmed that the fall of the Approval does not change his will to have a new Constitution.

“We want to tell you very strongly that we fulfill our commitments,” he said.

Regarding the meeting with the Government, the trade unionist said that yes or yes he will meet with Boric, but that he and his Executive have to “put the house in order.”

“They cannot be divorced from something that they pushed with great force,” he added, with which he made a “call for humility” in the ruling party.

The traditional figures of the center-left who crossed the corridor and joined the Rejection greeted the result.

Senator Ximena Rincón (DC), for example, one of the politicians who had to face the most criticism for her option, welcomed the fact that the process continues in search of replacing the fundamental charter, without the encouragement of the Convention.

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