Finally, Chrome officially supports long screenshots on Android 12!

It has to be said that although the function of long screenshot is on many three-party Android brand mobile phones, it is not known that it has been supported hundreds of years ago. But being able to use this feature on Pixel phones or more native Android phones is also a very good improvement. It’s just that, when Android 12 was officially updated, it was so convenient “Expand the scope of screenshotsWhen it comes to the function, I unexpectedly lack the support of the original Chrome browser (super weird). Although the intermediate reasons may not be considered, at least we are sure that Chrome is already supported by this feature through the latest update. Continue reading Finally, Chrome officially supports long screenshots on Android 12! Report text.

Finally, Chrome officially supports long screenshots on Android 12!

With the Android 12 update on more mobile phones, I believe many people have begun to enjoy the new system’s various new features and easy-to-use interfaces. However, if it was supposed to be a very convenient and easy-to-use long screenshot/extended screenshot range function, it was unexpected that it could not be directly supported on the Chrome browser, which is also puzzling-after all, it is the original application! Fortunately, this situation has been confirmed in versions after Chrome 96 should have been resolved.

I want to use the built-in long screenshot function in Android 12. Basically, the steps to use it are exactly the same as normal screenshots. Either through the quick toolbar or after long pressing the “power button” + “volume down” button. In the supported applications (now including Chrome), there will be a button to “enlarge the screen shot range”-as shown in the picture above, there should be so many words that you can’t read it wrong or miss it, right?

After clicking, you will enter the interface for selecting a longer range. That is, compared to the similar functions of other systems. Although it is true that you can select more page ranges for the long screenshots of Android 12, there is no option to continue to “deep down” the content of the new page-yes, you may still have to look for third-party applications.

However, it is already possible to take a wider range of screenshots through the built-in function, and now it also supports the Chrome browser, which is really quite convenient! Give it a try!

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