Finally .. Fyler: Satisfied with Saleh Jumah with conditions .. and needs more commitment

Swiss Rene Filer, Al-Ahly technical director, praised the level of Saleh Jumaa during the group training in which the player recently participated, along with his strong appearance in the 45 minutes that he participated during the “Match Match” which was established by the technical apparatus of all players at the Altech last Thursday, and the manager confirmed The technician in his meeting with his aides after “Match Match” that Saleh appeared well, although he needs more effort to reach a level that is commensurate with his high technical capabilities and capabilities.

The technical director stressed that Saleh Juma is a talented player and no one disagrees with him, but he failed in his right during previous periods before he recently committed and appears well in training, and Feiler asked Saleh Juma more effort, commitment and effort until he gets his full chance with the team and guarantees He has a place in the formation of the red genie in the coming period.

Al-Ahly officials closed the file of local external offers for Juma after Rene Filer decided to give the player a new opportunity for 60 days, although the management of the club through Amir Tawfiq, the contract manager, had begun a journey to search for local and external offers to get rid of Saleh Juma, but things changed in the recent period After the technical director announced that Saleh Jumaa had a great opportunity to stay with the team during the next season, if he took advantage of the opportunity he had recently acquired with diligence and focus for two months, after which he would be entitled to participate in the matches, despite the fact that Feiler’s relationship with Saleh Jumaa was strained during the last period against the background of a decision The technical director excluded the player and put it up for sale, then the player came out with strong statements against the technical director, but the relationship has improved significantly in the last period, and it became clear that Saleh Jumaa might get a second chance with the red genie.

Feiler was keen to follow Saleh Jumaa during the last period and found that there was a clear improvement in the player’s level, commitment, fitness and weight, and Vyler also received praise from his associate apparatus during the period in which Saleh fought individual and group exercises when the Swiss coach was vacationing in his country and returned to Cairo ten days ago Almost, in the face of these developments, Feiler informed his aides that he would give Saleh Juma a second chance on Al-Ahly For a period of 60 days, the player can participate with the team in the matches if he maintains his commitment and if he succeeds in treating technical errors that have appeared in his performance in the stadium and has already been complained about by Fyler, the most important of which is not performing the defensive duty and being satisfied with the role of spectator when he loses the ball.


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