” Finally ! », Rejoices Anne Hidalgo of the authorization given for the creation of the municipal police

Anne Hidalgo, end of October. – NICOLAS MESSYASZ / SIPA

” Finally ! I welcome the vote by the National Assembly of legislative provisions which pave the way for the creation ofa municipal police in Paris. This is the culmination of a job that I have been carrying for two years to strengthen the security of Parisians, ”the mayor of Paris tweeted this Thursday afternoon,
Anne Hidalgo.

The National Assembly has indeed given a first green light to the creation of a municipal police in Paris, during the examination of the bill on “global security”, a “historic” step according to the Minister of the Interior Gérard Darmanin.

Darmanin recommends that the municipal police be armed

Opposed to the project in 2014, Anne Hidalgo finally announced in January 2019 her desire to provide Paris with a municipal police armed with batons. “The Parisians are asking for order, Anne Hidalgo is responding”, then justified Emmanuel Grégoire, his first assistant. The municipal police then became a campaign promise and an issue of the election with the point of division with its competitors: armament, which remains a wish repeated by deputies LR and LREM in the hemicycle.

Personally, Gérald Darmanin felt that this new municipal police should be armed, but that it was up to Paris Council to decide and not to the law. With 5,000 police officers by 2024, trained in a Parisian school, the municipal police of Paris should be launched in 2021.

“The municipal police will be truly Parisian”

Their missions: Ensure public tranquility, sanction incivility, combat noise pollution and illegal dumping of garbage. On the equipment side, municipal police will be equipped with Tonfa sticks, bulletproof vests, tear gas canisters and pedestrian cameras, “which is an element of protection for our officers and the public”, according to Nicolas Nordman, security assistant to Anne Hidalgo. Finally, they will also have flashing lights and uniforms on which will be inscribed, on the back, “municipal police”.

“In Paris, the municipal police will be truly Parisian, like its population in its recruitment and training. Not equipped with lethal weapons, it will be exemplary in its ethics and its local presence in the streets of the capital ”, promised the mayor of Paris in a press release sent this afternoon.

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