Find a screen with a price marked at 10 pesos 990 cents and they did not want to sell it on the Good End | THE IMPARTIAL

STATE OF MEXICO.- During this Good End, a buyer found a screen with a price of 10,990.00 pesos when its real value was 10,990.00 pesos, but they did not want to sell it.

The case occurred at the Bodega Aurrerá branch, located in Tecamac, State of Mexico, says Milenio.

The consumer who identifies himself as Eddier Contreras recorded the evidence in two videos and then spoke with the manager who refused to sell it on television and invited him to go to Profeco.

“I am observing that the price of this screen is 10 pesos and 99 cents (…) Unlike this one, where it is appreciated that there are 7,990, there is the comma,” he said in the video.

The mistake the buyer noticed in the price was that it was written with a period instead of a comma.

Given the refusal of the employees to sell the screen, the user asked to speak with the manager of the Aurrera store; however, the latter only told him to go to the Federal Consumer Protection Agency (Profeco) to file a complaint.

In addition to requesting the buyer to leave the store, since he could record inside.

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