Find out about gold prices today, Sunday 22-5-2022 in Egypt


The price of gold in Egypt rose by 5 pounds during today’s trading, as the price of “21” carat amounted to about 1025 pounds, while “24” carats scored about 1171 pounds, and “18” carats scored about 879 pounds.

While the prices of “14” carat gold amounted to about 683 pounds, the value of the gold pound reached 8,200 pounds, and an ounce recorded 1848 dollars on international stock exchanges.

To the official gold prices, on average, between 60 and 100 pounds is added to the value of workmanship and stamping, which the merchants or the owner of the goldsmiths shop obtain. 939 pounds, and the price of “14” caliber reached 743 pounds.

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