Find out about the stations and timing of the operation of the Administrative Capital and 6th of October Monorail

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Monorail project The Administrative Capital Monorail – 6th of October Monorail is a new means of mass transportation; To connect the Greater Cairo Region with the Administrative Capital, bringing about a major cultural shift in the passenger transport sector.

This new method aims to facilitate the movement of employees and expatriates to the Administrative Capital, and is expected to contribute to reducing environmental pollution rates and easing traffic jams on main axes and streets.

In the following, we review the most important features of the Monorail project, based on what has been published Information and Decision Support Center for the Council of Ministers:

1- It starts from Nasr City to the New Administrative Capital.

2- Its length is 56.5 km.

3- It includes 22 stations, which are (Stadium – Hisham Barakat – Al-Azhar University – Seventh District – Free Zone – Al-Moshir Mosque – Ninety Street – Air Hospital – Twist Hotel – Future University – Emaar – Nafoura Square – Al-Birwa – Beit Al-Watan – Al-Fattah Mosque Al Alim – Residential District R2 – Regional Ring – Al-Massa Hotel – Governmental District – Embassies District – Administrative Capital).

4- It contributes to transferring the movement of employees and visitors from Cairo and Giza in the shortest journey time, as it is connected to the third line of the subway.

5- The first phase will be ready for passengers in late May 2022 (Al-Moshir Mosque – Administrative Capital), and the second phase will be ready in February 2023.

6- The project’s total implementation rate is 21.2% until July 2021.

7- 80 km/h is the design speed of the monorail, and the trip will be cut from “Cairo Stadium”, where the project began, to the “Administrative Capital”, where the project ends in 60 minutes.

1- It starts from the League of Arab States on the third line of the subway to the new expansions in the Sixth of October City.

2- Its length is 42 km.

3- It includes 12 stations, which are “Gameet Al-Dowal – Ring Road – Mariouteya – Mansourieh – Desert Road (Cairo – Alexandria) – Hyper One – Juhayna – Urban Communities Authority – Al Hosary – Dar Al Fouad – Industrial Zone – Express Train.”

4- The project will be implemented within 42 months, and it will be ready for passengers in early June 2023.

Hiring international companies to manage the “monorail” – archive picture

As for the ticket price has not yet been determined.


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