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2023-06-02 18:08:36

Suddenly, you feel like you’ve been away from sex for a while. On the other hand, you may become too obsessed with it. Or maybe you’re disgusted by passionate fantasy sex. Did you know that the world’s foremost thinkers can help explain those phenomena for you! Whether Plato, Aristotle or Spinoza by sociologist and writer Frédéric Lenoir.

because in the end we both know that deep down And then we must have our tastes turned one way or the other. I don’t want to be vague, floating around in uncertainty L has included a guide to help you better understand your sexuality. By picking up the latest book of Frederic Lenoir named ‘Le Désir, une philosophile’ (ed. Flammarion), taking the theory or guidelines of these thinkers to frame the feelings. The desires of our people in all forms in every relationship and especially in matters of sex This should be very useful to you!

If reaching the age that is ready to have sex

SITUATION: You and your boyfriend have been studying each other for quite some time now, and you’ve often slept over at each other’s homes. But you just slept holding hands and didn’t have sex once. Meen doesn’t have to have the high-flying love scenes of an adult movie. But you start to wonder about this as well.

SOLUTION: Please believe in yourself. Enjoy your teenage life the way it should be. A 2022 study by the French Institute of Public Opinion revealed that 43% of French people aged 15-24 have never had sex in 2021. Which makes it look exciting. Let us keep our imagination going,” said the guru writer. “Part of the reason young people don’t have sex with each other is because now there is no such thing as forbidden anymore Sex is everywhere, accessible, open. Sexual content like videos or pornographic clips is commonplace. Show off your body and posture as if it were top-notch performance. and when teenagers have enough access to those contents They all concluded that it would be better not to rush too fast. Treating each other with love and understanding Better create a romantic scene for each other first. This is what Aristotle called ‘philia’. We shouldn’t be obsessed with sex. He values ​​a friendly sense of immersion. take time to get to know each other share good feelings or the happiness of living together

If you’re the ultimate sexist

SITUATION: When you fly free from your parents Get to know the world of social and technology known as dating apps like Tinder, and when you match multiple people in a day, you’ll wear your hunger-hunting spirit. Before you know it, you’ve slipped into the cycle of changing partners until you can’t stop your heart on someone else. How will it be like this, doctor?

SOLUTION: In this case it corresponds to Plato’s position as unfulfilled desire. We tend to get stuck on things that make us think about things. when we have attained what we desire We will not want that again. It turns out to have to leap to other options to foster new desires. When it takes a long time to loop like that indefinitely You will feel dissatisfied for a while. Be the kind of person who finds pleasure in himself and seeks new and exciting things all the time. To tackle this issue, Spinoza suggests that we turn to exploring real desire. Ask yourself what exactly is your happiness? Trust in the power within you if it applies to sex. Try denying an urgent relationship as a one night stand through the night feeling like you’re missing something. Sex shouldn’t be discounted for the sake of superficial pleasure. to temporarily respond to the needs of the body Try to look for other dimensions that are equally important, such as tenderness. empathy Or share good feelings with each other. Spinoza is telling us to develop our needs or desires along with growing us in all dimensions. important in life not only preoccupied with sexual matters.”

If Sex Makes You Disgusted

SITUATION: You read that French people make love about 1.5 times a week. But the stats don’t match yours at all. (Even if they’re on opposite sides of the world!) That’s worrying because you’re doing less homework with your partner than that. What should I do? Where did you miss it?

SOLUTION: Ignore the numbers and forget what you read. “In our normal life, especially in sex They cannot be compared,” Lenoir advises. “As Lucius Annaeus Seneca, the ancient Roman philosopher, said: ‘If you want to be unhappy, compare yourself to others’. Doing so is useless. From Seneca to Spinocha, they remind us that humans are unique. individuality have different needs Some people may want to have sex a little more often than others. While some people are almost virgins. In addition, sexual desires may vary according to our current environment. or based on experience in meeting people Having too little sex between you and your partner isn’t a problem at all. Unless you or your loved one is suffering from a low number of times.

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Translator: Alexis F.

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