‘Finding a Path in Science’ 2013 Jeju Science Festival

The ‘2013 Jeju Science Festival’ with the theme of ‘Future for Humans, Finding a Path in Science’ will be held at Hallim Gymnasium and It takes place in the surrounding plaza.

First, a variety of science experience programs have been prepared to learn scientific principles, such as ‘Creative Science Playground with Tom’, which consists of zero gravity experience and riding a racing car, fishing king, and pedal boat, so that infants and elementary school students can enjoy it. For middle and high school students, ‘Science Learning Classroom’ is prepared where they can experience experiments and special lectures that are difficult to access normally.

You can also enjoy the science play ‘Surviving in a World Without Electricity’ with the theme of the fusion science of the theater troupe, and ‘Going to Darwin and the Beagle’, a pansori puppet show that unfolds a mysterious and surprising world of science with the quirks of unique puppets. .

In addition, along with the Science Magic Show of the Jeonnam Science Invention Play Research Association, convergence programs such as Goldberg device experience, creative puzzle play, magic flower making, and recyclable exercise objects are also attracting attention.

The program is diverse with the participation of local and foreign organizations.

In addition to the special experience hall of the National Gwacheon Science Center where you can take video classes conducted by the doctor who successfully led the launch of the Naro, △ excellent overseas science experience program △ Jeju Provincial Police Agency KCSI scientific investigation experience class △ 5 invention classes in the province and invention patent specialized high school Invention experience class △ Family science contests such as ‘Creative work using science box’ and ‘Flying an air rocket far away’ △ Science club contests such as ‘Water rocket fortress’ and ‘Building a structure’ were also prepared to add richness.

The festival can be viewed from 10 am to 5 pm, and a certificate of creative experience is issued to participating middle and high school students. For more information, visit the Jeju Youth Science Research Association website (www.jysc.or.kr). By Kim Bong-cheol

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