Finding culprits for Olympic defeat

Alfons Hörmann in attack mode: On Monday, the President of the German Olympic Sports Confederation (DOSB) launched a sweeping attack to restore the honor. “Those who were the least active are put in the corner of the bogeyman,” he complained with a view to himself and the umbrella organization of German sports in the process of Olympia 2032. Not like that.

In a video conference, the DOSB boss presented a documentation on the trial of the effort lost against Brisbane for the 2032 Summer Games. A list of “data, facts, backgrounds”, which are primarily intended to prove the mistakes of others. The core of his lecture: The International Olympic Committee (IOC) let itself be carried away by “false statements, simply not the truth” last week when it explained why the Germans were out of the running even before they entered an official application process In February the DOSB refused to enter into negotiations with the responsible evaluation commission.

The meeting mentioned, said Hörmann, did not take place in February. Nobody denies that there was talk of the DOSB joining the private initiative Rhein-Ruhr in January. The same applies to the decision of the Germans not to “turn the schedule upside down” because of the acceleration of the procedure announced by the IOC.

So, for example, to stick to the public survey in autumn after clarification of the financing and a definitive decision by the DOSB at the end of the year. The IOC’s choice of words seems wrong, but the analysis is correct: the Germans were not ready. And Brisbane, also the documented Hörmann, far ahead. He considers the decision of the IOC to be “understandable”. The truth has to get out.

Brisbane can only stumble upon itself

This also means that, despite some hints from IOC President Thomas Bach, the whole world was surprised last Wednesday by the IOC’s declaration that it initially only wanted to negotiate with the Australians. Loosely translated from the Olympic diplomatic whispering into German, this means something like: Brisbane can only trip over itself. “Anyone who hopes that the tide will turn around completely again will find himself wrong in a few months,” said Hörmann after he had dealt the second slap in the face.

Knowledge has never been more valuable

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It was addressed to the Prime Minister of North Rhine-Westphalia, Armin Laschet, CDU chairman and ardent supporter of the Rhine-Ruhr Initiative. He had accused the DOSB of not being able to have an “intensive and ongoing dialogue” with the IOC. Whether the sudden decision in favor of Brisbane, Laschet spoke of the lack of “feeling” for what “is going on at the IOC”. All wrong?

Hörmann now seems certain to have raised the Prime Minister to the height of the action in a 45-minute conversation on the Monday before his defense press conference. During the phone call, the DOSB President said that it had become clear to him that the Prime Minister had no “significant information” from Rhein-Ruhr-City. Whether Laschet shares this impression of Hörmann could not be clarified on Monday.

Mronz counters

But even during the press conference, the IOC praised Rhein-Ruhr initiative headed by Michael Mronz, who was also slapped by Hörmann, countered with an explanation: “(…) For us there were no reliable facts or even date perspectives for a decision by the IOC in February, which would have made some change in our work program or a communication to our partners necessary. ”An interview with Hörmann by the German Press Agency, published on the morning of the IOC decision, speaks for the bad news out of the blue, even in a circle of sports management.

The DOSB president had commented on the citizens’ referendum in autumn: “That would be a possible date.” Hours later, everything was wasted. Meanwhile, the mutual allegations distract from the intransparent procedure of the IOC and alone shed light on the situation in Germany. If, according to Hörmann, a professional sports manager Mronz “had and has on his hat” on the 2032 Olympics question, then this position affects the self-image of the DOSB.

Only this association has the mandate to register Germany’s Olympic applications with the IOC. As an office, Hörmann is the master of the procedure. On Monday he picked it up. With a blunt rejection: “Whether, when and where” an application will be submitted, will be seen in peace. That doesn’t mean anything good for Rhine-Ruhr. Even if Hörmann assured that it would continue to work well with Mronz. By accusing him of not having kept the potential candidate for chancellor up to date, he questioned his trustworthiness. That it happened on Mronz’s birthday was a coincidence. Hörmann assured in the press conference that he would congratulate.


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