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Police have registered a case against an 18-year-old girl who was questioned by Petty for allegedly violating Kovid standards by standing in a queue in front of a bank. The Chadayamangalam police has registered a case against Gaurinanda, a native of Idukkupara, Akonam, Chadayamangalam, who is awaiting the results of the Plus Two examination.

According to the complaint lodged with the Youth Commission, Gaurinanda saw a dispute between the person who received the letter and the police.

Days ago, the Chadayamangalam police filed a non-bailable case against a woman panchayat president and others who had protested against irregularities in the distribution of the vaccine. As a result, five people, including five women MPs, were jailed for three days. Video footage of the altercation between the police and the girl was circulated on social media.

Chinta Jerome, chairperson of the youth commission, said that a complaint has been received in the incident and a report has been requested from the Kollam rural police chief and action will be taken after receiving it. Gaurinanda said that although some politicians had informed him that the case could be withdrawn if he went to the police station and apologized, he replied that he would not apologize. Gaurinanda has acted in some short films.

I was taking my mother to the hospital. He approached the bank to withdraw money from the ATM. There was a queue of people going up to the bank. In the queue, I saw an elderly man standing and arguing with the police and I asked him what was wrong. He asserted that his confession had been obtained through torture.

Then the police asked me my name and address. When asked why, he said that he was giving me a box to keep the social distance. He replied that there was a CCTV camera here and that I had maintained a social distance. Then they said an obscene word to me. You were told to go up without speaking. It was only when he fired at me that I answered out loud. The police said that if you were a man, you would have been arrested. ‘


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