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Finland is ready! Russia may cut gas soon

Date 20 May 2022 time 19:00

Finland prepares for Russian gas cuts After applying to NATO – refused to pay in rubles

On May 20, Bloomberg reported that Finland is poised to be forced by major suppliers such as Russia to cut its natural gas exports, which state energy importer Gasum Oy expects to happen today. from the movement of Finland who applied for NATO membership and refused to pay for gas in rubles.

while companies In preparation for Russia’s shutdown since Russia launched military operations in Ukraine at the end of February. already

“They have done their best to prepare for at least three months,” said Heiki Linfors, a senior adviser at Finnish Energy.

while refining company Neste Oyj, one of the largest consumers of gas in Finland, which uses gas to produce the hydrogen needed to refine oil revealed that the company could replace natural gas with other alternatives which has already taken serious action, such as the use of propane in the production of hydrogen.

Another big consumer, paper and forest products maker Stora Enso Oyj, has said it has stopped using Russian fuel. and replaced with liquefied natural gas from the United States mainly

Russia’s Interfax news agency reported that Russia exports an average of 3.2 million cubic meters of gas to Finland per day. From 1-16 Mar.

However, although almost all of Finland’s gas is imported from Russia. But Finland’s gas consumption accounts for only 5% of the country’s total energy consumption each year.

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