Fire in industrial buildings – creates a safety distance of 300 meters

At 10.34 on Saturday morning, Øst 110-central received a report of a fire in a large industrial building in Bønsdalen in Eidsvoll. Police were notified two minutes later.

– It is burning in an old industrial area where there is still some activity. It is defined as a major fire, says operations manager Terje Skaftnes to TV 2.

Police say the fire is in an old Electrolux factory.

– Explosions have been heard from the building. The fire service has established a safety distance of 300 meters, says Skaftnes.

Duty manager Roger Andersen at Øst 110-sentral says it is burning well in the closed factory premises.

– The building is very large, and that is part of the danger. There is no control over the fire. Some welding gas must be stored in the building, which is the reason for the safety distance, Andersen says to TV 2.

There are buildings within the safety zone, and residents in the area are asked to stay indoors. According to police, the smoke is moving south.

East 110 Central has moved out to the fire with several units. Oslo 110 Central has also sent a fire truck to the industrial area.

– We have around ten units on site or on the way to the site. Among other things, a Rosenbauer Panther airport fire truck comes from Gardermoen, says Andersen.

No injuries have been reported so far.

TV 2 is following the case.

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