Fire in Kassel: Several people injured – flames beat out of windows

In a fire in an apartment building in Kassel-Bettenhausen, 12 residents were injured on Sunday night – the fire brigade rescued trapped residents from the upper apartments.

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The fire brigade in Kassel had its hands full on Sunday night (November 15, 2020). The emergency services had to fight two fires within a short period of time.

  • The Fire Department Kassel fought two fires within a few hours on Sunday night.
  • At a Brand People in the Bettenhausen district were in mortal danger.
  • Ten people suffered one Flue gas poisoning.

Kassel – In the event of an apartment fire in Kassel Several people were injured on Sunday night (November 15, 2020). Rescue workers had to transport nine injured people to city hospitals. The mission lasted more than three hours. In addition, they had to Firefighters one more Brand move out in Niederkaufungen in the Kassel district. The fire brigade Kassel and the police headquarters in North Hesse announced.

Fire in Kassel: Several people trapped in the smoke

Several Emergency calls reached the control center of Fire Department Kassel on Sunday night around 1 a.m. The callers reported an apartment fire in an apartment building in the Kassel district Bettenhausen. Several people should be in the burning building.

In a fire in Kassel, several people suffered smoke poisoning.

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Immediately alerted Control center the fire brigade of fire station 1, the voluntary fire brigade Forstfeld / Bettenhausen and several units of the rescue service. Arrived at the scene, the rescue workers beat Flames from the windows of a ground floor apartment. The stairwell was very smoky and several people drew attention to themselves at a window in the attic. They were in their apartment enclosed by smoke.

Fire brigade Kassel saves people from fire with a turntable ladder

The fire department immediately brought them Turntable ladder in position to rescue three people and a dog from the attic apartment. Stormed at the same time Respirators the building. However, the residents of the other apartments had before the arrival of the Kassel fire department before Brand already can save.

During the fire in Kassel a total of twelve people were injured. Nine injured – including three children – had to be treated in city hospitals. Ten residents suffered a minor one Flue gas poisoning.

Fire brigade Kassel was able to bring everyone to safety from fire

After all persons before the Brand were saved in Kassel, the firefighters concentrated on the Fire fighting. They put out the fire with several steel pipes. Other troops freed the stairwell from fire smoke with a ventilation device. Elaborate Fire fighting were the result. The fire operation in Kassel ended after 3.5 hours.

Fire brigade Kassel had to go to two fires

The apartment on fire burned out completely. The apartments in the relevant part of the building are uninhabitable until further notice. The damage amounts to 70,000 euros.

Another fire in Niederkaufungen: 150,000 euros damage

In Niederkaufungen in the Kassel district, a roof fire kept the fire brigade on their toes – nobody was injured, the damage is high.

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In addition, the roof structure of an apartment building in Niederkaufungen burned on Saturday night (November 14, 2020) at around 11 p.m. The Brand broke out in the attic apartment.

The deletion work of the fire Department lasted until 1.30 a.m. People were not injured. The damage is estimated at 150,000 euros. (Jan Wendt)

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