Fire in oil facilities in southern Lebanon

A large fire broke out yesterday (Monday) in one of the tanks in the oil facilities in the Zahrani region, south of Lebanon, containing gasoline, which later turned out to be the result of a mistake during the transportation process, according to what the Minister of Energy Walid Fayyad announced.

About four hours after the fire broke out, which led to the closure of the road in the area, the Beirut Fire Brigade Command stated that “the fire that broke out in the petrol tank was brought under control, without causing any human casualties.” The Minister of Interior and Municipalities, Judge Bassam Mawlawi, asked to isolate the area near the site.

Energy Minister Walid Fayyad, delegated by Prime Minister Najib Mikati, inspected the scene of the fire. And he revealed in a statement that “a mistake arose during the transfer process,” and added: “We must wait for the results of the investigation to know whether there was someone responsible or a natural cause that led to the fire, stressing that “the most important now is the safety of the people,” and calling on everyone to stay away. from the vicinity of the facilities because there is a great danger to their lives.” He pointed out that “the loss amounts to 250 thousand liters of gasoline.”

In turn, the director of oil facilities in Al-Zahrani confirmed, “The fire broke out in an intermediate tank for delivery and not for storage, and we noticed at night that there was a tendency in the roof of the tank, which is usually mobile, so we decided in the morning to transfer gasoline from it to another tank, and during the process and perhaps as a result of friction what broke out the fire, The fire was extinguished without causing any casualties. He explained that the amount of gasoline is allocated to the Lebanese army.

The Appeal Public Prosecutor in the south, Judge Raheef Ramadan, decided to open an investigation to find out the circumstances of the fire that broke out in the fuel tank in Al-Zahrani.


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