Fireball spotted over the Netherlands: over a hundred reports

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The Meteoren Working Group received more than a hundred reports from people in the Netherlands who had seen the phenomenon with their own eyes. About 40 reports were also received from Germany. The fireball was briefly seen last night around 11:45 PM.

‘Green rocket’

A flash of light can be seen on images distributed on social media. A number of people on Twitter even saw the color green.

“It looked like a green rocket. Never seen such a bright fireball before,” wrote someone. Others thought they saw a bright star again.

Meteoren Working Group has made an initial analysis of the recordings and they suspect that the fireball appeared in the area northeast of Groningen. He was probably extinguished above the Wadden Sea.

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Report in March

A month ago, on March 3, a meteor was also observed above the Netherlands.

The phenomenon is not very rare, researcher Leo Kriegsman of Naturalis told RTL News at the time. “When rock from space enters through the atmosphere, it gives an enormous light development. We see such a meteor several times a year. If enough material remains, it ends up on earth. Only when we find stone on earth do we speak from a meteorite. “


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