Fired in 2001, Anne Sinclair only had one hour to pack up and leave TF1

Ten years after the DSK affair, Anne Sinclair is coming out of the woods. Not only did she speak out about her ex-husband’s behavior, but in a book to be released on June 2, Perfect tense, she also looks back on her departure from TF1, 21 years ago, almost to the day.

On June 5, 2001, she left the channel of which she was one of the star journalists, if only with her weekly Sunday evening meeting, 7 out of 7, which she hosted from 1984 to 1997, first alternately with Jean Lanzy, then, from 1987, solo. She feels like she is treated like she has “Stolen from the cash register”, she confides in Paris Match.

On the sidewalk, like a mess

Summoned by the director of human resources at the time, Nonce Paoli, future president of TF1, she immediately noticed that something was wrong. “The man wears his first name well, he is always affable, smiling, rosy, and a bit unctuous. That morning the prelate was pale, not with fury, but with embarrassment. […] He is going to execute an order from his boss (Patrick Lelay, Editor’s note), which he knows is violating labor law. ”

The interview lasts three minutes, she explains. She is requested to return her badge for access to the premises of the company and her mobile phone. The ax has fallen: “I have just been fired from TF1, after 18 years in the house”. “I have one hour to fill a box, say goodbye to my teams and leave the Bouygues tower, the TF1 building in Boulogne.”

TF1 condemned

His fault ? Too much frankness and too many friendships on the left. Recall that in 1997, her husband, Dominique Strauss-Kahn was appointed Minister of the Economy, Finance and Industry in the Jospin government. This political mandate had already forced Anne Sinclair to give up the presentation of 7 out of 7 to devote himself to the magazine One month, one hour, still on TF1.

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When the channel was privatized in 1987, however, she was one of the company’s leading figures. She had been appointed deputy director of information, then director general of TF1 Entreprise.

She had challenged her eviction in court and won. TF1 had been ordered to pay him nearly 2 million euros in damages.

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