First Descendant: Cross-Play Open Beta Test with Korean Dubbing and Immersive Gameplay Experience

2023-09-17 00:00:01

Nexon is conducting a cross-play open beta test (OBT) for its new PC/console multi-platform route shooter game ‘First Descendant’. First Descendants, which aims to be launched within the year, will be able to experience a build with Korean dubbing for the first time in this OBT, which will be held for a week starting on the 19th. According to the company, dubbing the build for open beta testing took about five months. This is to provide Korean-based lip syncing along with Korean dubbing so that domestic users can enjoy the game more immersively. First Descendant Key Visual Nexon recently uploaded a prologue video with Korean dubbing to the First Descendant’s official YouTube channel. In addition, an interview with the First Descendant development team was posted on Nexon Games’ official blog. Jin Seung-beom, director of Magnum Studio’s directing team, said, “If the sound team records the voice actors based on the video draft, we work on motion and facial capture with the actors based on the voices. The voice actors are included in the pre-visual video. “Once we place the voices, edit and apply the actors’ motion and facial capture, the video is now complete,” he explained. Jang Sol-ah, head of Magnum Studio’s sound room, said, “We provide lip syncing based on Korean along with Korean dubbing so that domestic users can enjoy it more immersively. In terms of story progression, domestic users are more interested in the game play and the video itself than the subtitles. “An environment where we can focus will be created,” he said. (From left) Nexon Games team leader Jin Seung-beom and Jang Sol-ah also paid attention to recruiting the optimal voice actor so that users could immerse themselves in the game. Team leader Jang explained, “We considered whether the tone suited the character’s appearance and personality well, and also took into consideration the charm and personality of the voice.” Voice actor Choi Han was chosen to play the role of ‘Alpha’, who plays a very important role in First Descendants. Voice actor Choi Han is well known to gamers for his roles as ‘Jim Raynor’ in StarCraft and ‘Zed’ in League of Legends. Additionally, the role of the attractive-looking ‘Bunny’ was played by voice actress Park Shin-hee, who played the role of ‘Tracer’ in Overwitch. In addition, facial motion and lip sync work were carefully carried out so that the Korean voice dubbing could be conveyed realistically. The explanation is that in order to create vivid and detailed depictions, facial expressions performed by people were captured and applied to the game. Cho Jeong-wi, head of the animation team, said, “First Descendant supports mouth shapes based on Korean voices. Although there is an automatic lip sync function that expresses mouth shapes according to the voice, the quality is not high and it does not support Korean. So, technical- “The animation department developed its own dedicated tool to express Korean,” he said. Related article Jo Jeong-hoon, head of the character creation team, said, “We are grateful to the users who gave us good feedback regarding the character. We are preparing to continue to maintain and develop the parts that received good response regarding the character. In the future, we will provide more variety through character skins, etc. “I will do my best to show my charm,” he said. Team leader Jin Seung-beom said, “Compared to last year’s test, there has been a change that is difficult to put into words. If last year’s test was literally just a test, now there has been such a big change that it feels like it is becoming a complete game. “I actually felt it while playing it,” he said. “I think those who really love and enjoy root shooters will be able to enjoy playing it. Please look forward to it.”
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