First Fortnite demos on Unreal Engine 5.1 with Nanite and Lumen is the first console game to feature these features

Some players and journalists say that this update finally convinced them to try the royal battle.

  • December 4 started the fourth chapter in Fortnite – along with this, the shooter was transferred to Unreal Engine 5.1 with full support for current technologies, including Nanite and Lumen. This version of Fortnite is only available on PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X|S.
  • Already online appeared the first comparisons where you can see how much the battle royale is being transformed due to the features of Unreal Engine 5.1 – this is especially noticeable thanks to Lumen global illumination and reflection technology.
  • Lumen allows you to recreate more realistic lighting, which is especially noticeable indoors, where natural light sources penetrate.

After the update

After the update

  • Journalists write that they decided to try Fortnite for the first time after the start of the fourth chapter. Basically, everyone praises the implementation of Lumen.

Yeah, the new Fortnite update…it actually has me playing Fortnite which is an achievement all its own. Lumen GI sure looks amazing.

Yes, a new update in Fortnite… After that, I started playing the game itself, which is an achievement in itself. Everything definitely looks great with Lumen.

Just tried out Fortnite’s update which now adds Unreal Engine 5.1 support with full Nanite and Lumen support.

It looks even better! It’s the first console title to support these new features, can’t wait to see more devs utilize them.

Just tried Fortnite with an update that adds Unreal Engine 5.1 with full support for Nanite and Lumen. The game looks even better! This is the first console game to support these features, I can’t wait for other developers to start using them.

I think the Unreal Engine 5.1 updates to Fortnite Chapter 4 have finally convinced me to install and play the game. (Yes I’m the rare human who still hasn’t played Fortnite)

The Lumen and Nanite enhancements are looking really impressive

I think the update for Fortnite with support for Unreal Engine 5.1 finally convinced me to install and play the game (yes, I’m one of those rare people who hasn’t played Fortnite yet). The improvements from Lumen and Nanite are really impressive.

Gameplay on Xbox Series S

I recorded gameplay of Fortnite Chapter 4 on my Xbox Series S to show the new Unreal Engine 5.1 visualization features. You can see the ray traced reflections, detailed shadowing, and temporal super resolution.

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Fortnite gameplay on UE 5.1 ​​with maximum settings

Comparison of different settings on a PC

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