First Gin Cup Road Run‧Relay Race: Win a Share of 350,000 Yuan in Rewards!

2023-08-25 16:02:53

For the first time, Gin launched the relay road race. The total reward for the top 10 is 350,000 yuan

Release date: 2023/08/26

Reporter: Gao Fanchun/comprehensive report.

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The Gin Company held a press conference yesterday morning for the launch of the “First Gin Cup Road Run‧Relay Race”. (Photo by Gao Fanchun) The top ten teams in the 5.8-kilometer three-person relay challenge group will receive a special “Radiant Carving Trophy”. (Photo by Gao Fanchun) Gin Wine Company Chairman Xie Shijie (left), General Manager Ding Chengkang (middle), and Director of Tourism Li Mingpei (right) are in the starting position to warm up for the upcoming relay race in November. (Photo by Gao Fanchun) Participants will receive exquisite and rich gifts for finishing the race. (Photo by Gao Fanchun)

Come to Kinmen not only to enjoy the battlefield style, but now there is a new healthy and alternative choice! Kinmen Distillery announced yesterday that it will hold the “First Gold Wine Cup Road Run‧ Relay Race” on November 19, starting from the Jinning Field of Kinmen Distillery. Registration will be open at 12 noon on August 28. The 3.8-kilometer solo race The group limit is 2,000, and the 5.8-kilometer relay has a team of 3 people and a limit of 350 teams. The first-place team will receive wine worth 100,000 yuan, and a total reward of up to 350,000 yuan will be provided. Runners who love sports and sightseeing are welcome Guys, remember to set the alarm clock and sign up with your hands!
In 2023, the 70+1 anniversary of Jinmen Distillery, the “First Gold Wine Cup Road Run‧Relay Race” was launched, planning a 3.8-kilometer solo group that can be easily challenged by a single person, and a 5.8-kilometer race that must be registered in a three-person team. Kilometer relay group (limited to runners over 18 years old), this can be said to be the first relay race system launched by Kinmen. Yesterday (25th) morning, a special “competition launch press conference” was held at Kinmen Distillery. Gin Company Chairman Xie Shijie, General Manager Ding Chengkang, Deputy General Manager Huang Haishan, County Government Tourism Director Li Mingpei, and Education Department Deputy Director Hong Pingxuan, county councilor Wang Guodai and others were present to warm up for the road run in November.
Xie Shijie, Chairman of Gin Wine Company, explained that both adults and children can sign up for the 3.8-kilometer solo group, and the 5.8-kilometer three-person relay group. The challenge process is integrated into the “crafted 8-degree Kinmen Beer” that was launched in July to increase the challenge characteristics and threshold , before each stick completes the responsible challenge route and is ready to pass on to the next stick, you must first pick up the “Golden Gate Beer” on the table, just take a sip to pass the level, and then hand over the relay token to the next stick to continue the challenge. The three members of each team complete the challenge process in sequence, including running and drinking, which are included in the challenge timing. It not only tests the running endurance of the players, but also has a sense of ceremony of micro-tasting before handing over the baton. It also tests the three at the same time. The excellent tacit understanding among the team members is also a great pioneering work in many road races across Taiwan.
The gin company mentioned that holding this relay event for the first time not only gave enough highlights, but also gave the players full sincerity. The rewards for the 5.8-kilometer three-person relay challenge group are the most accumulated total rewards in Taiwan’s relay races. The top 10 teams have accumulated a total reward of 350,000 yuan, and the first team can get 100,000 yuan worth of wine. In the other group, you can get a special “Radiant Carving Trophy”! The medals obtained after the completion of the race can be combined to form a complete circle representing the blessing of a successful completion of the race. Jinmen Distillery has thoughtfully planned and enriched the post-match carnival, so that teammates who are still unsatisfied after the game will receive the most gracious hospitality and leave the most memorable event experience.
In order to allow the runners to have both sports and sightseeing, the gin company is also very careful in the route planning. Both sets of routes plan the special attractions of Kinmen on the track. In addition to planning the 3.8-kilometer turnaround point for the best place to watch planes taking off and landing at Shangyi Airport, the 5.8-kilometer relay race will also include the central training field of Kinmen’s military training exercises, and Houhu Beach, which has the most popular white sandy beach in Kinmen. The park is planned as the relay point for the second and third legs respectively, and the start and end points are all set in Jinning Factory of Kinmen Distillery.
The gin company mentioned that in the 3.8km solo group, in addition to the limited commemorative running clothes of the event, travel towels can also be obtained, while the participants in the 5.8km relay group are presented with the most practical sports pockets and sports towels for sports running. In this way, after the two groups of contestants finish the competition, each of them will also receive a bottle of limited edition marching wine specially made by Jinmen Winery for this competition. Chairman Xie Shijie encouraged employees to form a team to participate. On the spot, he directly formed a team with General Manager Ding Chengkang and Deputy General Manager Huang Haishan to draw lots to decide the times of the competition. All of them showed excellent enthusiasm.
The “First Gold Wine Cup Road Run‧Relay” event will officially open for registration at 12:00 noon on August 28th. Hurry up and grab your teammates to complete the team formation. When the time comes, press the registration button. Jinmen Distillery Everyone is welcome to participate in the challenge. Registration URL:

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