First green light from the Assembly for the creation of a municipal police in Paris

The National Assembly on Thursday gave the first green light to the creation of a municipal police in Paris, during the examination of the bill on “global security”, a “historic” step according to the Minister of Interior Gérard Darmanin.

The principle of a municipal police force has been desired since 2018 by the mayor PS Anne Hidalgo and the government is also in favor, but the mayor of the capital does not want these agents to be armed contrary to the wishes repeated by the deputies LR and LREM in the hemicycle.

Personally, Gérald Darmanin felt that this new municipal police force should be armed, but that it was up to the Council of Paris to decide it and not to the law.

With 5,000 police officers by 2024, trained in a Parisian school, equipped with “Tonfa” sticks to fight in particular against incivility, the municipal police of Paris should be launched in 2021.

The vote of the legal framework allowing its creation is “strictly historical”, underlined the tenant of the place Beauvau.

“Finally! (…) It is the culmination of a work that I have been carrying for two years to strengthen the security of Parisians,” responded Ms. Hidalgo on Twitter.

To reach the number of 5,000 police officers, recruitments will follow one another to complete the contingent currently formed by the 3,200 agents of the Prevention, Security and Protection Directorate (DPSP), mainly Paris Surveillance Agents (ASP) from the police headquarters and the City of Paris security inspectors (ISVP).

“In Paris, the municipal police will be truly Parisian, like its population in its recruitment and training. Not equipped with lethal weapons, it will be exemplary in its ethics and its local presence in the streets of the capital” , underlined Ms. Hidalgo in a press release, adding that the 2021 budget of the future Paris municipal police would amount to 184 million euros.

The hemicyle voted for an amendment by the deputies “marchers of the capital”, with the support of the LRs, consolidating the training of future agents of the Paris municipal police.

On this municipal police, “Mrs. Hidalgo returned her jacket and so much the better”, welcomed the deputy LR Brigitte Kuster.

LFI deputies were opposed to the principle of a municipal police force in Paris.

Stéphane Peu (PCF) and Jean-Christophe Lagarde (UDI) called for “equal police” between Paris and the suburbs, arguing that there are three to four times more national police officers in the capital per capita than in Seine-Saint -Denis from which these two deputies are elected.

Mr. Lagarde underlined the risk for the future municipal police of Paris to function like a “vacuum cleaner” with the manpower of its counterparts of suburbs.

Mr. Darmanin recognized this risk of “extremely strong distortion of competition” and promised to work to limit this “transfer window”.

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