First homicides reported in 2021 in different states


A 58-year-old man was killed the early morning of this January 1 in the Quintero neighborhood of Tlaquepaque; this is the first murder registered in Jalisco in 2021.

According to the municipal police, the events were recorded at 3:00 a.m., when residents of the area reported that there was an unconscious man on a pool of blood inside a house on República de Cuba street, about 5 de May.

The agents who arrived at the site corroborated the report and requested medical support, but upon arrival, the paramedics indicated that the man had no vital signs and had injuries to the thorax and skull.

Although there were no witnesses to what happened, some neighbors indicated that apparently the murdered person had gone to visit his family but did not find anyone at home.

The public prosecutor who took charge of the investigations ordered that experts from the Jalisciense Institute of Forensic Sciences take the body to perform the autopsy of law.

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The year begins with four violent homicides in the state capital, Badiraguato and Guasave, one of the victims, named Jaime Enrique “N”, was attacked with bullets, in one of the streets of the Mirador neighborhood, in Culiacán and tried to take refuge in his home, where he passed away.

The Municipal Police were notified that several gunshot detonations were heard on Mar de Capricornio Street in said sector and a young man was seen running towards one of the houses in that area.

When the displaced personnel arrived at the scene, they were alerted by relatives of the young Jaime Enrique “N”, 20 years old, who was badly injured. When they checked his vital signs, they confirmed that he had died.

In the morning, in front of the preparatory school building of the Autonomous University of Sinaloa, in the receivership of Villa Adolfo López Mateos, the body of the young person was found, which had gunshot wounds. The victim did not carry any identification, so the Prosecutor’s Office opened an investigation folder to capture his attackers.

In the galleys of the agricultural field, located in the town of Rojo Gómez, Burrión’s receivership, in Guasave, Luis “N”, 50 years old, was found dead, who presented several injuries with a knife.

One of the versions collected by the Municipal Police of Ahome was that in said agricultural field a fight broke out between two people, in which Luis “N” lost his life, after receiving several injuries with a sharp weapon.

The fourth victim, whose identity is still unknown, was located on the side of the entrance arch to the city of Badiraguato, which had bullet wounds, without the municipal authorities receiving reports of detonations of weapons.


It also started with a violent climate when six murders were registered in three municipalities, the facts of which are linked to the struggle between the different criminal groups of organized crime that dispute the territory.

According to reports from the police corporations and the Zacatecas Public Security Secretariat, in the municipality of Guadalupe in the community of Sauceda de la Borda on the way to Vetagrande, the discovery of three bodies that had gunshot wounds was reported.

While in the community of Hidalgo de Ojuelos in the municipality of Fresnillo, a lifeless person named José Alfredo “N”, aged 24, was found, as well as a 20-year-old wounded with a firearm projectile. , who was transferred by his own means to a hospital.

In the same way, in the heavy traffic bridge in the municipality of Valparaíso, the bodies of a man and a woman were found, where 7.62 caliber ballistic elements and an orange cardboard with black text were found, with messages alluding to groups of organized crime.

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