first images of the demolition of the mythical pavilion of the Students



It is only a week and a half ago that the roof of the Refrigerator collapsed, but the machines are already working to demolish the facility and begin construction of what will be the new pavilion of the Estudiantes quarry.

Gone are decades of memories buried by snow. All of them remain forever in the hearts of those who passed through that facility and will form part of the soul of the new Refrigerator, which will be built in the same place as the old one, although it will already have all the needs of a modern pavilion.

In this image you can see the damage to the installation before its removal – ABC

According confirmed the clubAfter a meeting with the Community of Madrid and the City Council, the institutions will be responsible for most of the disbursement of the new construction, since in addition to being the headquarters of the college club’s quarry, the pavilion is part of the infrastructure of the public school Ramiro de Maeztu.

On Wednesday morning they began to clear the area, badly damaged by snow and rain in the last days. In fact, there was a risk of total collapse, with the danger that this entails being located next to the schoolyard.

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