First steps on iOS14, iPadOS 14 and WatchOS 7: the shock?

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Apple iOS 14: like Android or Windows Mobile… Ten years later…

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Apple iOS 14: like Android or Windows Mobile… Ten years later…

This is probably one of the most important updates offered by Apple in recent years. So I was in the starting blocks on Wednesday evening to download iOS14, iPadOS14 and WatchOS 7 on my iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch.

Finally, around 9:00 p.m., I was finally able to launch the update process to officially discover these many improvements, on the stable version made available to the general public. After a few minutes of downloading on my symmetrical Salt 10 Gigabit line, the process started …

iOS 14: what’s new?

In XX minutes flat, my iPhone 11 Pro Max was up to date, as was an iPad monopolized for the occasion. And it is with great pleasure that I set out to discover some new features presented in detail on the pages iOS 14 and iPadOS14 d’Apple.

Obviously, a lot has already been written about these updates very strongly inspired by certain Android functions. Widgets, always nice, land on the home screen years later, which was obvious not only on mobile systems, sometimes on good old Windows …

iPadOS 14: shock on the iPad

But why so much impatience then? According to the clips’ Apple the latest version of its iPad system is able to recognize handwriting on the fly in multiple applications in a very intuitive way. But there also the most sorrowful will receive me with a shot of vitriol …

Indeed, I remember having tested this kind of functionality on the first touch panels from HP or Samsung, then in mode XP Tablet PC Edition… And then there are the different versions of Palm diaries, which, however, required the use of cabalistic signs worthy of shorthand

An assessment in the form of a query

So yes, all of this is nice and obviously works better than on the really raw machines mentioned above. Apple will he impose these novelties? In any case for about ten years, Samsung has offered Galaxy with integrated styluses and character recognition …

But let’s come back to Apple, which claims ever more powerful processors and which so far have stood out for their sobriety and their power. It’s a safe bet that these new software products associated with these processors and the ergonomics of Apple hit the mark where so many others have struggled to break through for decades… in advance.

Xavier Studer

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iPad = S 14 may hurt the competition very much!

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iPadOS 14 may hurt the competition a lot!

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