First TV interview after losing the election: Trump vented his anger

The US president continues to refuse to admit defeat on Fox News. Instead, he continues to spread the myth of electoral fraud.

By Claudia Sarre, ARD Studio Washington

You would have cheated. Joe Biden never got 80 million votes. Almost four weeks after the presidential election you can still hear the frustration in the voice of still-US President Donald Trump. He gave “Fox News” his first telephone interview after the election on Sunday – and was allowed to get rid of all his anger. Almost an hour.

The election was a total fraud and the media didn’t want to talk about it, Trump complained incessantly. Although more and more US courts are crushing his lawsuits and there is no evidence of electoral irregularities, Trump is persistent. Last week he had promised to vacate the White House if the electoral committee elects Joe Biden as president in December. But admit the election defeat? No way!

Difficult path to the Supreme Court

“I will not change my mind for the next six months,” Trump said defiantly. The 74-year-old hinted at the same time that it would probably be very difficult to get his claims before the Supreme Court. But he still doesn’t give up hope. To do that, you need a judge to hear the case. You need a Supreme Court willing to make a really big decision – said Trump.

His impeachment attorney, Kenneth Starr, stood behind the president. Even if the road to victory is likely to be difficult, Starr said on Fox News: “II understand the President’s frustration. There are so many anecdotes about scams. But the difficulty now is to translate those suspicions and allegations into admissible evidence in court. “

Is Trump coming to the handover?

Recently, more and more Republicans have recognized Joe Biden’s election victory. Nevertheless, there are still quite a few party members who don’t want to stab their president in the back. Roy Blunt, Conservative Senator from Missouri, did not want to confirm or deny on “CNN” that Trump lost the election.

“After all, we are already moving towards what will happen on January 20th. The transition money is at least available,” said the Senator. One of Blunt’s tasks is to organize the ceremonial swearing-in ceremony for Joe Biden on January 20th.

He hoped the outgoing president will attend the ceremony on the handover day, added Blunt. The big question mark remains as to whether Trump will be solemnly saying goodbye.


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