First unit of genomic medicine in Colombia

Genomic Medicine is the study of the human genome, which will allow the patient to know, through specialized studies, the cause or origin of a pathology. New diagnostic and computer methods that provide important data in the development of a disease, ensuring a good quality of life in people.

Dr. Luis Izquierdo, medical director of Veritas Intercontinental indicates that in Colombia currently has a biotechnology company that is responsible for providing access to this advanced preventive medicine.

To date they work with the Women’s Clinic, Clínica el Country and the Imbanaco Medical Center, with which they created the first Genomic Medicine Unit in Colombia.

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Genomic medicine in the country, according to experts, has become one of the medicines of the future, currently the alliance with the biotechnology company Veritas Intercontinental converted the Imbanaco Clinic in the center of reference in Colombia in the ‘Complete Genome Sequencing’.

The renewal of this alliance allows both institutions to take another step towards realizing the greatest and most immediate challenge in health care, “Make predictive, preventive and personalized medicine a reality, focused on health care and promotion, “said Luiz Izquierdo.

On the other hand, La Clínica Imbanaco de Cali and the biotechnology company Veritas Intercontinental have renewed their strategic alliance to promote Genomic Medicine in Colombia, which places this institution as a reference center in Colombia in Whole Genome Sequencing through its Genomic Medicine Unit.

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Through this alliance, Genomic Medicine has been incorporated into medical practice in Colombia, offering citizens a predictive and personalized medicine oriented to the care and promotion of health.

A qualitative and quantitative leap in the transformation of current medicine, which is fundamentally palliative and restorative, since it acts against the disease when it has already appeared. Faced with this, this new approach aims to anticipate the onset of the disease by preventing or detecting it early.

Compared to traditional genetic tests, which only study a limited number of genes associated with certain pathologies, the complete genome offers a total view of the patient’s genetics, which allows to delve into a certain pathology and find hidden interactions between different ailments.

Recently, the company developed a new service called COVID-19Risk, that allows knowing the response to COVID-19 infection through genome or exome sequencing, with the aim of personalizing treatment to avoid medical complications.


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