First victory for the Big 3 of the Nets, Harden misses!

After two tries, the Nets have just won their first game with their Big 3 this Saturday night. But it was complicated, especially with a very, very discreet James Harden shooting. We take stock.

It didn’t take long to see a Brooklyn awakening. After two consecutive defeats against the Cavaliers, now Steve Nash’s men reacted this Saturday night when they challenged the Bam Adebayo Heat. It was hard, but the success is at the end: 128-124.

We had to rely on basket clutchs from the Big 3 to win this match. Reassuring for the future? Well not really. Opposite, Adebayo just had fun in the racket with 41 points and 9 rebounds. Confirmation that Brooklyn still has a long way to go in this area.

But it’s a victory, and it’s a start. Kevin Durant finishes with 31 units and confirms his status: one of the best players in the league, certainly. Kyrie Irving also responded with 28 points and 7 assists. However, James Harden is far from having made the game of his life.

Harden finishes 2/8 in shooting and 0/5 behind the arc, for 12 points in the end (8 from free throws). It is not glorious at all, even if it passes close to the triple-double (11 assists and 7 rebounds). If the trio manage to perform at the same time, then the Nets will have a little less difficulty.

Best for Brooklyn as we can see, although not all games will end like this. If the defense doesn’t improve, they can say goodbye to the title.

Sluggish victory for the Nets with a still dubious defense. An arrival in the next few years could be good.

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