first video of the marriage leaving the altar

Although they did not want to say that this Saturday would be their wedding, the information about the guests and some details of the ceremony were known in this last week and were confirmed with these images.

The singers are leaving the altar while the rest of the guestscomplying with tradition, they make a corridor for them, applaud them and even throw what looks like rice at them.

Paola Jara shines with her wedding dress that seems to have white fire flames, while Jessi Uribe He decided to show off his traditional haircut with a line on the sides.

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In the images several friends and relatives of the couple are seenas it is known that it is a very intimate ceremony in which there are few famous guests.

The marriage of Paola Jara and Jessi Uribe shows that it is so well organized that behind them is a man wearing the bride’s long dress and must be in charge of all the movements of the event.

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Paola Jara and Jessi Uribe wedding: first video of the wedding party

The images were revealed by ‘La Red’ this Saturday and with this it was confirmed that the popular music singers became husband and wife after a relationship of more than two years.

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