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Fish with human teeth: are the creepy creatures real? (Video)

You can see in the video: Fish with human teeth – do the creepy creatures really exist? A fact check.

Disgust, fear, confusion – creepy images of fish with human-like teeth spread over and over again on social media – and trigger intense feelings in many people. The photos or videos are clicked on, commented on and liked thousands of times. But what about the bizarre recordings? Are the creepy pictures and clips really real?
The fact is: there are fish with human-like teeth. A special genre stands out in this context: videos of convict sea bream in particular are spreading again and again on social networks. The reason: the animals’ teeth are particularly similar to human teeth.
The fish use their blunt rows of teeth to crack shellfish. The animal habitat stretches from the Canadian Atlantic coast to the Gulf of Mexico. They prefer to live in estuaries and near the coast.
Other sea creatures, such as triggerfish, also come with teeth. If you are particularly scared of the pictures and videos from the net, you should keep an eye open while bathing in real life.

How do we examine videos for manipulation in the editorial office? It is important to take a look at the details. The individual frames of a video often reveal whether a video has been edited. We take a close look at each picture and enlarge individual sections. Indications of a fake are, for example: a lack of motion blur, unnatural shadows or cutting errors. At stern, the general rule is: Seriousness over speed. We always double-check facts and material carefully before we publish them. To do this, we work with the cross-editorial “Verification Team” together with RTL, NTV, RTL2 and Radio NRW.

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