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Bad Aibling recommends light sporting activities and wellness to strengthen the immune system

by Ilse Romahn

(13.10.2020) Whoever moves stays healthy. The Upper Bavarian moor spa Bad Aibling knows this and recommends all coach potatoes to get over the bogus now and leave the comfortable comfort zone. Because: regular exercise helps to reduce stress, strengthen the immune system, support cell renewal and reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

Biking and hiking
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Dirty weather and cold temperatures keep the immune system on the go, colds, flu viruses and now also Corona challenge the immune system. Those who want to get through the autumn and winter with the best possible health can spend a few “build-up and strengthening days” in the Bad Aibling mud spa. Light sporting activities and wellness in the scenic Upper Bavaria are the best power mix to get fit through the cold season.

It doesn’t have to be high-performance sport: hiking
Hiking keeps you fit – it strengthens the cardiovascular system, is good for the immune system, metabolism, bones and joints. And it’s good for the brain and soul – it relieves stress and clearly improves mood. Whether relaxed along the Mangfall, through the surrounding moor or with vertical meters in the nearby Wendelstein Mountains, whether in golden autumn or in snowy winter – depending on your mood and level of fitness, nature can be explored in Bad Aibling in many ways on foot.

Fresh air circuit training in the multi-generation park
There is no getting around light fitness training in Bad Aibling: in the middle of the spa park of the moor spa, the multi-generational park encourages moderate exercise. 14 devices that train a sense of balance, flexibility, strength and endurance. The multi-generation park is suitable for both sprightly seniors who want to improve their mobility and strengthen their sense of balance, as well as for those who are sporty and ambitious who want to strengthen their muscles with strength exercises in the open air. What about the children? They keep jumping on the trampoline or testing their skills on the monkey ladder.

For ambivalent people: street steppes
Streetsteppen combines the effectiveness of running with the dynamics of cycling and is particularly suitable for those people who are looking for an alternative to cycling due to back, joint or saddle problems. The good thing: With the Streetstepper, the upper body stays upright while driving and is constantly in motion in order to maintain balance. This trains the deep-lying muscles around the spine, which are crucial for a healthy, pain-free back. In addition, riding the Streetstepper strengthens many other muscle groups in the body. As a result, this type of locomotion is also good endurance and strength training for the entire body.

Health-conscious active vacationers who would like to test the Streetstepper once can do so in Bad Aibling on a beginner’s tour. The guide, Martin Anzinger, shows a maximum of six participants how it works. They should only have fun in exercise, no other prerequisites are necessary.

Discover the landscape and stay fit: cycling
There are 220 kilometers of well-signposted cycle paths around the well-known mud spa. They lead through the slightly hilly foothills of the Alps with forests and meadows and are made for good-humored bike trips. Don’t worry, even inexperienced couch potatoes will discover the joy of cycling in Bad Aibling – the tours are also easy to do for less ambitious cyclists. Those who still have inhibitions can rent an e-bike and cycle through the Mangfall Valley with a tailwind. And for those who like it sportier, the mountains of the Alps like the Wendelstein are not far.

Full-body fresh air training: Nordic walking
Nordic walking is ideal for all those who like to be in the fresh air and want to do something for their fitness even in wind and weather. They know that the Finnish trend sport is a simple but highly effective full body workout. In addition to endurance, the use of poles also trains the upper body and coordination, so that even at a moderate pace, fat burning is cranked and the metabolism gets going. The whole thing is also sociable, as the walkers can talk to sporty companions themselves in action and at a distance. Armed with running or jogging shoes and sticks, you can walk through the spa gardens or along the Mangfall at a sporty pace.

Under eight domes and on the houseboat: sauna and massages
The thermal water kick for body and soul: a visit to the Bad Aibling thermal baths is beneficial and stimulates relaxation. A wide variety of offers can be found under its eight utopian-looking domes: For example a kelo or eucalyptus sauna. Or how about a “Turkish bath” from the Arabian Nights? The Fürstenbad also offers pure luxury for two with a glass of Prosecco. You can then go on to the massage rooms in preheated bathrobes. In a final aroma oil massage, the skin regains the fats that were previously lost in the bath.

Don’t worry – no sauna-goer in the Bad Aibling thermal baths has become seasick. And that, although sweat fans can use one in the form of a houseboat on the nearby Triftbach in addition to the classic saunas in the “dome building”. The houseboat sauna can be easily reached from the sauna garden via a jetty, and a water wheel ensures automatic water infusion.

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