FITAG increases viewers by 77% in one year and reaches 5,300 people

Open plan of a play within the FITAG programming

The International Festival of Amateur Theater of Girona (FITAG) ha increased viewers by 77% in one year, reaching 5,300 people. Despite this, it is a figure below half of the spectators who were there before the pandemic. In fact, health restrictions it has brought down the influx of people to the big shows. During the five days of the festival, tickets for 22 of the 38 scheduled functions have been sold out. The FITAG was held in Girona but also in Llançà, Sant Pere Pescador, Palamós, Sant Gregori, Lloret de Mar, Maçanet de la Selva and Vidreres.

FITAG closes one edition with one rise in the number of spectators compared to last year. If in the 2020 edition 3,000 people passed, this 2021 5,300 have passed. This implies an 80% occupancy in the shows and a 77% increase in the number of spectators. However, this figure is still below half the number of people before the pandemic.

This decline is mainly due to the restrictions on gauging. In fact, a large part of the spectators came from the shows with the most seats available and this number of seats has been drastically reduced. In addition, the FITAG audience was mostly seniors and this is the audience segment that has fallen the most compared to 2019.

Nevertheless, the organizers celebrate that the 21st edition of the festival has served to bring together amateur plays from companies around the world, in addition to showing the productions of Girona companies. The director of the festival, Martí Peraferrer, emphasized that the pandemic had brought “many factors against them” but that this edition was “one of the most profitable”.

Between 24 and 28 August, the program was filled with companies from Argentina, Cuba, Switzerland, Georgia, Israel and other parts of Spain and Catalonia. Peraferrer stated that a “good rapport” has been generated between the 25 companies that have participated and many of them have said that they want to work on future collaborations.

In fact, the inaugural show of FITAG 2021, ‘La comedia de las Lalis’, is a Catalan and Extremaduran co-production, the result of an alliance between Escenamateur, the Federation of Theater Associations of Extremadura (FATEX) and FITAG. The play premiered last July in Extremadura and is expected to be performed again in this community and, possibly, also in Catalonia. In this way, for the first time, a show born of FITAG will come to life beyond the festival.


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