Five Famously Healthy Foods Doctors Recommend Avoid

If something has changed on television in recent years, it is that you don’t see as many cereal commercials as you used to. There were as many types of cereals as there were types of people in society: cereals for children – who carried toys as a claim -, cereals for rebellious teenagers, specific cereals for women – well, for the needs that the industry invented for them – cereals for constipated, simple cereals for the most conservative …

All of them continue to exist and are still promoted as an easy way to improve transit, lose weight or be better nourished. However, the vast majority are not healthy and this is so, mainly because they use refined base flours. But to this is added sugar in all its possible forms: honey, chocolate, glucose syrup, sugary dried fruits … this article from EL ESPAÑOL you can know which cereals are saved.


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