Five Hotel Experience Marketing Ideas

Today’s travelers are not just looking for a bed to sleep in. While that’s their main goal, actually, they expect a lot more from hotels. These, for their part, cannot afford to base their business on accommodation alone because it is not profitable. Reason why it is so important to focus on the customer experience as a strategy.

The customer experience is, basically, the memory that is created in the mind of the customer as a result of their relationship with the brand, in this case, with the hotel. It could be said that it is the sum of the perceptions that a client has, both positive and negative.

If a guest has a positive experience at your hotel, they will likely return a second, third, and fourth time and even recommend it to others. But you should consider that if he has a bad experience he will also tell it. Therefore, it is essential to work so that the customer experience is the best of all.

To do this, hotels can apply experience marketing. This is a strategy that is based on the creation of experiences that allow the client to connect in a deeper way with the company. This is important because it has been proven that there is a close relationship between emotion and purchase, so users are more likely to buy if brands arouse emotions in them.

Strategies for generating emotions in guests

Hotels can make their guests experience emotions through their services. There are different experience marketing strategies that you can apply successfully to generate an emotional bond with customers and thus create a good image of the hotel, position yourself as an innovative business and also differentiate yourself from the competition.

1. Activities to disconnect

A good hotel experience marketing strategy is to offer activities that allow guests to disconnect from the routine. Many travelers today have a new travel philosophy, which has to do precisely with experiences. They are in search of personal development activities or that lead them to self-reflection and for this, nothing better than offering activities that help them to find themselves.

To ensure that guests can connect 100% with their inner self, the hotels are designing different experiences such as meditation retreats, activities to learn about the country’s culture or walks in the area to connect with nature. Another option is to offer yoga spaces, private outdoor bathtubs, etc.

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2. Interactive tours

It is also possible to create positive experiences for guests before they arrive at the hotel. An alternative is offered by interactive tours, which many lodging places are using to attract more customers. It is a strategy that allows the hotel spaces to be shown in an entertaining way without having to visit it.

This is a perfect option, especially for hotels that have meeting and event rooms, since in this way those interested can see virtually and with 360-degree videos what the available spaces are like. In this way, the hotel can contribute a differentiating element to the customer’s experience, even from the purchase stage.

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3. Gastronomic proposals

Another way to improve the customer experience in hotels is through gastronomy. Through food, hotels can add value to their customers and produce positive and memorable feelings for them. This will help them create long-term relationships with consumers, who will want to come back for more.

The gastronomic offer of the hotel restaurant can help to give greater visibility to the business and offer a differentiating element now that consumers have become more and more demanding, also driven by the wide range of options. But remember, more than selling, the goal of using gastronomy for experience marketing is to satisfy needs while creating positive emotions in customers.

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4. Sound as a sensory experience

Music also plays a key role in the customer experience. In fact, music is known to be a key factor that can incentivize user purchases by enhancing their mood. In hotels it is no different; music can help these businesses to leave a positive feeling with the guests and create cozy environments.

The choice of music will depend on the type of accommodation and the message you want to convey. Each musical style reflects something different and must be associated with the identity of the hotel. It is also possible to use different musical threads to vary depending on the area of ​​the hotel. The experience you want to create in the hall is never the same as in the restaurant or in the pool area, for example. The important thing is to learn to use music, since it has a lot of potential to generate emotional bonds with clients.

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5. Personalized service

Personalization is an increasingly important aspect for consumers. Hotels can take advantage of the trend of personalized service to win over guests and thus make them feel like unique and special customers.

To do this, it is essential to know their tastes to be able to offer them just what they need, be it a spa session, a meal in the room or a walk around. Personalized service also offers the opportunity for hotels to make cross selling, which is the sale of complementary services.

This strategy offers double benefits: on the one hand, it improves the guest experience and on the other it improves the benefits of the hotel. Remember: a good hotel does not offer a generalized experience, but as many as there are visitors.

These experience marketing ideas can help your hotel improve the customer experience and thus attract more guests and above all retain the customers you already have. Apply these strategies and you will notice the difference!

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