Five kilometers of traffic jam in front of the Gotthard tunnel: those returning from vacation need patience on Sunday

Traffic jammed between Quinto and the Gotthard tunnel on Sunday afternoon. Travelers had to expect waiting times of over an hour.

(many) Early on Sunday morning there was an accident on the A2 northbound between Faido and the Piumogna tunnel. The tunnel was closed in the meantime, a local diversion was set up, as the TCS announced. The tunnel is now open again, but the lane has been narrowed to one lane.

At midday, due to overload, a seven-kilometer-long sheet metal avalanche built up between Quinto and the Gotthard tunnel, travelers from the south had to expect a delay of around one and a half hours. In the early Sunday afternoon, the traffic jam has now eased again and is still five kilometers long. Drivers have to expect around an hour to wait. In addition, the entrance was blocked at Airolo.

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