“Five lessons from the Africa-France summit in Montpellier” (By Thierno Bocoum)

1. President Macron ushers in the era of African representatives not appointed by Africans. It ushers in the era of state summits involving Africa without representatives of African states. It inaugurates the era of bypassing the internal democratic processes of African countries which lead to the choice of elected leaders. It inaugurates the era of the all-out attribution of the medal of French legitimacy which will be authentic and places its holder in the rank of interlocutor of a French President and representative of the African people.

2. President Macron on the one hand gave the image of a united, organized France, which speaks of a single path that he himself carries in his capacity as legitimately elected President of the Republic and on the other Share the image of a divided Africa, without States, without elected authorities, with a raging youth who would seek solutions in France. And this, when he himself is credited that with only 25% of the voting intentions in the polls, 75% of the French have turned their backs on him.

3. President Macron decides to strengthen the financing of his civil society in our sovereign countries. He decides to have an influence in our States. He unfolds a subversive thought towards Africa and does not hide it.
In France, even with the ban on public funding of religions since the law of 1905, foreign funding is fought.

“I no longer want mosques that open with hidden funding, I no longer want people who use the pilgrimage money to finance anything,” said Emmanuel Macron as soon as he took office at the head of France. What is his right as President of a sovereign country.

Today, it is this same President who decides to unilaterally finance his civil society in our sovereign countries without the involvement of our heads of state.

4. President Macron has taken unilateral decisions without the involvement of Africa’s legitimate leaders. He decided for France and he decided for Africa, taking as witnesses the nationals of the African peoples and of the French diaspora. And he also intends to apply them in Africa. This was also the case in the recent past (December 21, 2019) with the decision to switch from the CFA franc to the Eco. He had mentioned the African youth that he would have “heard”. Even if it maintains the fixed parity with the euro by attributing it this time to a will of the African Presidents. This concern of African youth, which does not help French companies, is obviously not satisfied.

5. The silence of our heads of state on the Africa-France summit held in Montpellier and involving our countries through the decisions taken to this end without their presence and without their involvement, calls everything into question. All of President Macron’s speech on the independence of Africa is sagging like a house of cards. If our African heads of state were free, they would never let such an affront pass.
No youth or French civil society can represent France in any territory of the world. No French head of state will accept that decisions involving France be taken outside France, without its representatives and executed in France.

By organizing this Montpellier summit, President Macron only confirmed the heavy hand of France on the internal affairs of African countries.

The fight for the total independence of Africa must continue with a conscious and determined youth.
It must be done by improving our internal democratic processes and by raising to the summits of our States men and women of worth, capable of putting the interests of the African peoples above all other interests.

Thierno Bocoum
President of the AGIR movement

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