Five missiles hit an American base in the countryside of Hasaka, Syria

Elaf from Beirut: SANA, the mouthpiece of the Syrian regime, spoke about An American base was targeted at Kharab Al-Jeer airport in Hasaka countryside on Tuesday with rocket-propelled grenades.

The agency quoted local sources from the Yarubiyah countryside in Hasaka as saying that 5 missiles targeted the Khrab al-Jir military airport, which the US forces are taking as a base, without receiving information about the dead or injured.

The sources indicated that as soon as the base was targeted, the area witnessed an intense flight of helicopters and warplanes of the American forces.

The American bases in the Al-Omar oil and Konico gas fields in the eastern countryside of Deir Ezzor and Kharab Al-Jeer in the Hasaka countryside have been subjected to several missile attacks during the past two months amid an American blackout.

The Americans set up bases for them in several areas on the Syrian island, especially in the oil and gas fields, to steal their production and smuggle it abroad through columns of tanks and trucks, and in coordination with its mercenaries from the “SDF”.

And the American Al-Tanf base in southern Syria was attacked by missiles and drones last October. The New York Times quoted US and Israeli officials as saying that the raid was an Iranian response to an Israeli raid in Syria. These officials added that they had intelligence indicating that Iran was behind the operation, as 3 drones did not explode in the raid, and after examining them, it was found that they were using the same technology used by Iranian-backed militias in Iraq.


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