five new features that will come to the app in 2021

The most popular courier service in Facebook, WhatsApp, began a year loaded with new features and functions that promise to improve user experience on mobile devices with Android o iOS.

From the expected vacation mode, the appearance of multiple copying and even the option to send videos without audio, WhatsApp promises a 2021 full of improvements.

While many of them are still in test phase and no confirmed date, the Facebook platform will begin to distribute them in the form of updates over the next few months.

Holiday mode

Although still in development, this long-awaited feature that appeared late last year in beta version, the vacation or silent mode of Android and iOS will indeed arrive in 2021.

Apparently in the trial version, this function makes an archived -silenced- conversation remain in this state even if it receives new notifications. In the previous version, the arrival of new messages automatically unarchived the chat and returned it to the main list of conversations.

With the vacation mode active, the WhatsApp user will be able to automatically archive the messages that arrive for a certain time.

As soon as it is available, Vacation Mode will be very easy to activate. The first thing you will have to do is select the Notifications section; in which the option to activate and deactivate Vacation Mode will be enabled, deciding how many days you will be out of WhatsApp to make the tool more efficient.

Banners appear

The users of the messaging service will be able to know the news of the service directly in the application through some banners.

This new form of notifications will refer to an external page to offer more information or will require the user to take some action, such as accepting the shared information.

WABetainfo points out that although the internal notifications function within the app is already active, it has not yet been defined when it will begin to be used.

Changes to the privacy policy

WhatsApp will begin to share with its more than 2 billion users around the world the changes it will make to the service, starting from February 8th of 2021, in relation to its privacy policy.

According to the WABetainfo site, the user must accept the new privacy policy to continue using WhatsApp in 2021

According to the WABetainfo site, the user must accept the new privacy policy to continue using WhatsApp in 2021

These changes refer to the data that WhatsApp collects from users and their treatment. Also to the way that businesses can use Facebook to host their services and manage their conversations on WhatsApp.

As could be seen in the leaks, the app will inform that to continue using the WhatsApp service it will be necessary to accept these changes.

Videos without sound

The platform, owned by Facebook, is working on a new function called “Mute video”, with which users will be able to effectively silence their videos before sending them to a contact, according to the specialized site WABetainfo.

This new feature is still in development, although it is expected to be available in an update later this year.

Multiple copy

With this function, the WhatsApp user will not have to use the share button, select the app and then go to the chat where you want to send a photo or video.

Once it is enabled on cell phones, all you have to do is go to the app, click on the dialog box as if it were simply text and select “paste.” Then, the messenger will copy all the images and videos that were selected in the gallery and thus send them faster and easier.


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