Five people die in a bomb exploding in Algeria

Five people have died in the attack.

At least five people died today and three more were injured when a bomb exploded of artisan manufacturing in the vicinity of the city of Tebesa (northeast), on the border with Tunisia, informed the Ministry of Defense in a statement.

The device exploded as the vehicle in which the victims were passing by at the height of the town of Oued Khenig-Roum, about six hundred kilometers southeast of the capital, the note added briefly without offering other details.

In a second statement, also released this Thursday, the Algerian Ministry of Defense assured that special units in the fight against terrorism they killed a suspected jihadist, considered very dangerous, in an operation carried out in the town of Oued Boudekhane, close to the city of Khenchela, also in the northwest of the country.

During the operation, the Army troops seized three chargers with ammunition from an assault rifle, a radio station and two cell phones, he added.

Jihadist activity has exploded in Algeria in the last five years, both in the regions close to the capital, in the north, and in the southern provinces, bordering Libya, Niger and Mali.

In the southern region, both groups of smugglers dedicated to trafficking in arms, fuel and people, mainly, as well as radical armed organizations linked to the Islamic State and the Al Qaida network in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) have settled, creating various kingdoms. of taifa in the desert that feed on the privateer economy and escape the control of central governments.

In particular on the border that separates northern Mali and southern Mali Algeria on its western slope, one of the main smuggling routes.

According to the Algerian Ministry of Defense, in 2019 the security forces killed 15 suspected terrorists and arrested 25, in addition to destroying 295 weapons warehouses and seizing a total of 750 artisanal bombs and 1,900 kilos of explosive material.


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