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Five people on a British cruise ship near the Bahamas test coronavirus, 40 others have symptoms


A British cruise ship is pending off the Bahamas coast on Saturday. One passenger and four crew members tested positive for coronavirus.

Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines said on Sunday that another 20 passengers and 20 crew members, including a doctor, are showing flu-like symptoms. You and the five people who tested positive are isolated.

There are 682 passengers on board the Braemar, most of them British nationals. Nobody is American.

The Braemar anchored 25 miles southwest of Freeport on Saturday morning, the company said. It is replenished with food, fuel and medication. Two doctors and a nurse are awaiting approval to join the ship to support the medical team, the company said.

However, docking is not permitted. The country’s Department of Transportation declined to allow the passengers and crew of the ship to disembark “in any port in the Bahamas”. The Bahamian government will provide humanitarian aid to the ship.

Two British government officials were sent to Freeport to assist the Bahamian authorities in the replenishment operation.

The five people tested positive for coronavirus on Wednesday while the ship was docked in Curacao.

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World News :

The ship was refused permission to moor in Barbados and other Caribbean ports. The Braemar is highlighted in the Bahamas, which causes the company to dock there and get passengers aboard.

The Braemar is currently being effectively quarantined at sea. The ship left St. Maarten on March 2 and was scheduled to disembark in Barbados on March 12.

On Friday, U.S. cruise companies agreed to cease operations in response to the coronavirus pandemic for the next 30 days. Princess Cruises with two ships that had coronavirus infections stopped operating for 60 days. More than 700 passengers were infected with the coronavirus of the Diamond Princess, who was sitting off the coast of Japan for almost two weeks. Six of these passengers died.

The company ended the process of disembarking the Grand Princess in California on Saturday. At least two passengers and 19 crew members tested positive for the corona virus.

A medical worker assists a passenger on the Princess Cruises Grand Princess cruise ship before boarding a charter plane at Oakland International Airport on March 10, 2020 in Oakland, California. Passengers slowly climb out of Oakland Harbor the day after docking at Princess Cruises Grand Princess.
A medical worker assists a passenger on the Princess Cruises Grand Princess cruise ship before boarding a charter plane at Oakland International Airport on March 10, 2020 in Oakland, California. Passengers slowly descend from Oakland Harbor the day after docking at the Princess Cruises Grand Princess.

This article originally appeared in the US TODAY: Coronavirus: The British cruise ship Braemar has 5 cases, 40 with symptoms


  1. Sounds a bit like when the Jews were on a ship fleeing Europe during the Holocaust and no country would let them enter. They went back to Europe and got murdered by the Germans. Maybe this is some sort of a payback from G-D?
    Who knows where those souls who refused the Jews entry are now? maybe re-incarnated in people in this current ship that no one wants to accept.
    Of course the passengers are taken care of so it cannot be enough of a payback from G-D.
    No worries those souls are probably burning in hell as we speak. Anyone who thinks they can get away with something will face G-D at some point and see they are wrong.


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