Five relief camps opened in Chalakudy heavy rain

Chalakudy: A relief camp was opened in Chalakudy following heavy rains. Five camps were opened in the current emergency. 77 families were relocated. People have been evacuated from areas prone to landslides and floods. The control room has started functioning to assess the situation. The Taluk Control Room is headed by a Revenue Divisional Officer. Four families were shifted to St. Sebastian’s School, Kuttikkad in Pariyaram Panchayath. There are 11 people here. 18 families from Mangalan Colony were shifted to Pariyaram St. George School. In East Chalakudy village, nine families were shifted from Kuttadapadam to Thirumandhamkunnu Ambala Hall and ten women inmates from Koodappuzha Santhvanam old age home were sent to Fr. John Agathimandir and two families from Karikadavu Adivasi Colony in Vellikulangara Village have been shifted to relatives. In case of emergency, the public should contact: 0480 2705800, 8848357472.

The buffalo died suddenly in the flood

Chalakudy: A white-tailed deer tied up by a river in the forest. Died. Kathi Kutum Binoj died on the spot of the New Year. കാതിക്കു ടമ്പനമ്പിള്ള കടവിൽ തിലെ കെട്ടിയി പൊത്തിനെ മാട്ടി കെട്ടിയിരുന്നു The water was falling on the patch. Attempts to save the night with the help of natives were unsuccessful. .

The logs got stuck in the Attappilly regulator

Another: The trees in the attic ” gutter have collapsed. The trees that came to the bridge were the trees that flowed from the forest area. T h e. Avoid getting your tire in the tram rails; it’s a nasty fall. The fire brigade and the locals removed the fallen trees. Ginesh Pallathu, Jaswin Joshi, Vaishakh, Jelvin, natives of Attappilly; Subhish is a young man who goes down the river and removes trees and camps. Contributed by. Another Thur Panchayat President V.B. Ashwathy had been in the place for years.

The Collector and the MP visited the flooded areas

Road: Waterlogged City Hall, a small field, Mayor Dine Colony Areas Collector and MP Other Public Dates were also visited. Benny Behanan MP, Collector Haritha V. Kumar, District Panchayat President P.K. Davis, City Council Chairman V.O. Kuttan Pada collection area under the leadership of Pilappan Status quo. K. Benny Behanan May, who gave instructions for emergency assistance. He also visited the Lourdes Peace D Wine Colony. In case of flood situation, necessary arrangements have been made. AP Colony told residents. Block Panchayat President Venu Kantharu Mathil, Vice President Tleena Davis, Block Panchayat Member Vana Jadivakaran, Congress ND LAM PRESIDENT N.C. Thomas, Adv. C. b. Arun, Paul d. Netikaton and Thomas Kannampilly were with the MP.

White coat in low lying areas of Kodungallur

Kodungallur: Even though the water table on the shores of Kodungallur is high, There was no suspicious situation. In many places, even though white cats have formed in low-lying areas, The official clarified that there was no need to relocate them. At the same time, in the panchayat, you have to be vigilant in the village. Closed interior in Kodungallur area. Sorry, but the rain did not stop. Waterlogging is limited to the lowlands. Water levels in reservoirs have risen since the dams opened. യത്.

As a result, there are white spots on the shores of the lake. SN Puram Panchayat The main road in the village was flooded. Disaster relief camps should not be started in the event of injuries or injuries. Kodungallur told Hussein that the order had been issued.

The buffaloes were swept away in the river

Chalakudy: The buffaloes in the Kottayam area were washed away by the river. A bundle tied up by the river when the water rose unexpectedly. The crowd was soaking wet. Then the owner is afraid to release them Firefighters cut them off at the scene in a rubber boat. This is how it flowed into the river.


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