Five shows of the year 2020 to see online

♦ Music: NightSongs by Yael Naïm

Available on Arte Concert

On a bed of dead leaves, in the middle of the forest and in the middle of the night, the singer Yaël Naim sits behind her piano. It only takes a few seconds for the artist to bring light into this most obscure setting, as she plays the first notes of her album called NightSongs.

Posted at the beginning of December, the new issue of “Release Party”, where Arte offers artists to perform their latest creation in an atypical context, takes us into the mysterious bubble of the Franco-Israeli musician. His playing, his voice, his melodies: everything is as delicate as it is generous.

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And if the obsessive How will I know ? or the melancholy Daddy immerse us in the intimate universe of Yaël Naim by recounting her memories, regrets or hopes, the ghostly figures that move around her could well reveal the few secrets, hitherto well kept, of her inspiration.

♦ Theater: Farewell Mr. Haffmann, written by Jean-Pierre Daguerre and filmed by François Hanss

Available on France 5 Replay

In occupied Paris in 1942, the jeweler Joseph Haffmann entrusted his shop to his employee Pierre Vignaud, who had to agree, in return, to hide it while waiting for the situation of the Jews to improve in France. The man accepts on one condition, not the least absurd: having learned that he was sterile, he wants Mr. Haffmann to have a child for his wife.

→ SELECTION. Curtain up on small screen

Original and well composed, the piece by Jean-Philippe Daguerre plunges us into the heart of a dark period through the prism of a boulevard intrigue, which gives it accents that are both tragic and comic. After having been a great success in the theater with no less than 750 performances and four Molières awards in 2018, she is experiencing a new life here since the device used for the recording was entirely designed for the small screen.

François Hanss’ production team promotes performance without ever distorting it and thus makes it accessible to a large number of viewers. And the closed door will soon find another breath in the cinema: a feature film by Fred Cavayé should be released in January 2021.

♦ Dance: the “Dance, Dance” collection

Available on France TV Culture Box

How to dance in times of confinement? Summoned to stay at home and deprived of their audience for a good part of the year 2020, the dancers had no other choice but to reinvent their art. And this did not escape Tommy Pascal, a former dancer turned director specializing in the capture of choreographic sequences, who chose to immortalize some of their unpublished creations.

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From a large Parisian garden, on a deserted road in Pennsylvania, or from the top of a terrace in London, young artists from different backgrounds honor the carte blanche they are given and offer us a collection of six refreshing clips.

We can thus appreciate the expression both brutal and refined of the former world breakdance champion Yaman Okur, or the intimate choreography with a strong aestheticism, offered by the duo Marion Barbeau – Simon Le Borgne, both dancers of the Paris Opera, from a balcony of the Pouliguen.

♦ Concert: Complete String quartets by Beethoven by the Ebony Quartet

Available on the website of the Philharmonie from Paris

2020 was to intoxicate music lovers and, in particular, lovers of Beethoven’s music, with lavish celebrations in honor of the 250th anniversary of his birth. Many projects must have lowered the curtain before even raising it, but fortunately, a few great emotions leave their mark.

A true bible of strings, the corpus of Quatuors enjoyed a sublime complete at the Théâtre des Champs-Élysées under the bows of the Belcea Quartet, while, at the Philharmonie de Paris, their friends from the Ebony Quartet also gave visual and sound testimony of their Beethovenian journey. Crossing in all senses of the word, since musicians have traveled the world (when one could still do so), offering “their” Beethoven full of color, fury and happiness, to the public of cities and countryside, circles of connoisseurs and children from the slums.

They brought back a vibrant CD recording (Erato) that it is fascinating to compare with the concerts available free of charge on the Philharmonie’s site where the motionless journey takes on the appearance of cosmic exploration.

♦ Spectacle : The game of shadows, written by Valère Novarina and directed by Jean Bellorini

Available on France 5 Replay

It was to open in style the 74th edition of the Avignon festival in the courtyard of the Palais des Papes. Health crisis obliges, The game of shadows, freely inspired by the myth of Orpheus imagined by Jean Bellorini based on texts by Valère Novarina and music by Claudio Monteverdi, was finally recorded, without an audience, at the National Popular Theater in Villeurbanne.

But the recording does not detract from the richness and the poetry of the show, including the striking tirades and the sweet melancholy of the songs of the opera Orfeo are served by an elegant scenography. More than a filmed show, the director evokes, in an interview with France Télévisions, “A real television film” who offers “Variations, choices, intensities, different from what will take place on a theater stage”.


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