Five tech novelties presented at CES that are worth seeing

1- Cadillac flying taxis from General Motors

Driving a flying car will soon no longer be a fiction thanks to General Motors, which unveiled an autonomous aircraft that can reach 90 km / h. And not in just any vehicle: the car manufacturer relies on its Cadillac brand to transport people in the air.

General Motors’ flying taxi showcased at CES.

Photo : General Motors

Few details have been revealed on this flying car project, other than that it takes off and lands vertically, that it can contain only one person on board and that it has four electric rotors.

2- Custom red from Yves Saint Laurent

No need to have a worldwide reputation in techno to embark on the adventure. And Yves Saint Laurent understood it well by unveiling his connected lipstick at CES.

A black appliance resembling a thermal coffee mug emblazoned with the Yves Saint Laurent branding on a marble counter.

Yves Saint Laurent’s bespoke Rouge presented at CES 2021.

Photo: Yves Saint Laurent

The product, about the size of a small appliance, allows you to mix several shades to create personalized colors. The device is connected to a mobile application that helps cosmetics enthusiasts in their choices, depending on the shape of their lips and the colors of their accessories, among other things.

3- Razer’s Projekt Hazel smart COVID mask

Razer, a company specializing in equipment for gamers, has succeeded in transforming one of the most common objects of the COVID-19 pandemic into a connected gadget.

Its N95 Projekt Hazel rechargeable mask has a ventilation system and a sterilization device. For accessibility reasons, the face cover is transparent and backlit to allow people to read lips even after dark.

4- Samsung’s domestic robots

Samsung, which today unveiled its new range of smartphones Galaxy S21, made more than one home dream at CES with its three new consumer robots.

While the JetBot 90 AI Plus vacuums and monitors the residence, the Bot Care, first introduced in 2018, serves as a companion and personal assistant. The highlight of the show is the Handy Bot, who takes care of cleaning, serving drinks and even putting dirty dishes in the dishwasher.

5- LG Display transparent OLED television

Transparent TVs have been popular for a few years now, and LG Display is one of the leaders in this industry.

A transparent retractable television at the end of a bed in a bedroom.

LG Display’s transparent OLED TV showcased at CES 2021.

Photo : LG Display

The Korean company unveiled its new 55-inch OLED TV, 40% transparent, at CES. The technology could be as useful for residential use, for watching a TV series in bed while maintaining a general view of the room, as it is for commercial use, especially with a restaurant menu.

The promise of unparalleled sound quality with built-in Cinematic Sound OLED speakers suggests that it would be pointless to get a soundbar with this TV.

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