Five things to know before going for a tattoo

Get a tattoo (illustrative image). – PIERRE EMMANUEL DELETREE / SIPA

To tattoo is really not a trivial act. According to Nicolas Kruger, dermatologist, explains to us that it is imperative to know before going to be tattooed. Risks, ink compositions, hygiene… Tattoos, however very trendy, are not without danger. “The complications exist, and the tattoo artist is supposed to inform his client, in addition to checking if the latter has health problems,” warns Nicolas Kruger.

“Professional tattoo artists have to respect hygiene training, they have training. All tattoo artists must be registered with the prefecture and have the obligation to work in a dedicated room, ”assures Nicolas Kruger. For this dermatologist, professional tattooists offer a reassuring environment for the client, because they are committed to promoting the cleanliness and safety of their establishment.

Discover all his advice in this video from our partner Brut.

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