Five tips to extend the life of your headphones

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Headphones have become one of the most important gadgets for users. And is that many do not know how to play sports or simply go down to the street for a walk without carrying music in their ears. To extend their life and ensure that they do not lose functionality, there are a few tricks that can be followed. The Organization of Consumers and Users (OCU) has collected five of them.

Keep them charged
As with other devices, such as computers and «smartphones», it is important that, in case the headphones are wireless, the user does not try to stretch the battery to the end. Ideally, it should be between 80 and 20 percent of its capacity.

Beware of the temperature
It is also convenient to keep them at a correct temperature. Especially now, when the heat arrives and, it seems, the Government allows us to return to the terraces. “Like any other electronic device, subjecting its internal components to overheating can lead to damage, especially in the battery,” point out OCU.

Ideally, keep your headphones at risk by keeping them out of the sun and storing them in a case. This last point also serves to protect them from unexpected falls.

Check water resistance
Some headphones are waterproof, though that doesn’t mean you can scuba dive with them. To get out of doubt about whether they can get wet, you should consult the IPX classification, which is the one that marks the resistance to water. Thanks to it we can know if the device is functional, for example, while the user is taking a shower or if, in turn, its manufacture allows it to be submerged more than a meter deep.

Clean them with soap and water
Dust, and dirt in general, can damage the functionality of the headphones. That is why it is recommended to clean them regularly to extend their life as much as possible. To carry out this operation, the ideal is to use a cloth with water and a little soap. Special care must be taken when cleaning the area of ​​the pads, since if they get too wet they can affect the operation of the gadget.

Consult the instructions for use
Although it is always a bit lazy, it is advisable to read the instructions for use that the manufacturer shares with users. Also, in the event that they have a mobile app, it is convenient to keep it updated to avoid risks and vulnerabilities in the system. The new versions, in addition, usually include improvements that can help improve the user experience and add new functionalities to the device,.


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