Fixed terms: how much does each bank pay today, Friday, November 13?

The central bank decided a new raise of between one and three points in the interest rates in pesos after the Indec reported a sharp acceleration in inflation to 3.8% in October.

Thus, the minimum guaranteed rate for retail fixed terms (less than $ 1 million) at 30 days, goes from 34% al 37% Annual nominal rate, which is equivalent to 44% of the annual effective rate. For the rest of the bank term loans, the interest rate will remain at 34% nominal and 39.8% effective.

Banks have already echoed the measures and this Friday, November 13, they raised their interest rates by Fixed deadlines in pesos, according to the survey published daily by the BCRA.

How much does each bank pay today for fixed terms in pesos?

Ten banks with the highest volume of deposits
Bank of the Argentine Nation 34% 34%
Banco Santander rio SA 34%
Bank of Galicia and Buenos Aires SAU 37%
Bank of the Province of Buenos Aires 37% 37%
Banco Bbva Argentina SA 37% 37%
Banco Macro S.A. 34%
Hsbc Bank Argentina S.A. 37%
Banco Credicoop Cooperative Limited 37% 37%
Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (Argentina) S.A. 33,06%
Bank of the City of Buenos Aires 34% 34%
Other banks that report fixed-term rate online for non-clients
Banco Bica SA 37% 37%
Banco Cmf S.A. 37% 37%
Banco Comafi Sociedad Anonima 34% 34%
Banco de Corrientes SA 34% 34%
Banco de Formosa SA 28,6% 28,6%
Bank of the Province of Cordoba SA 37% 37%
Banco del Chubut SA 37% 37%
Banco Dino SA 37% 37%
Banco Hipotecario SA 34% 35%
Banco Interfinanzas SA 37% 37%
Banco Mariva S.A. 37% 37%
Banco Masventas SA 26,6% 26,6%
Province Bank of Tierra del Fuego 33% 33%
Banco Saenz S.A. 37% 37%
Banco Voii SA 37% 37%
Banco Voii SA 37% 37,1%
Nuevo Banco del Chaco SA 34% 34%

How much does each bank pay today for fixed terms in dollars?

Fixed Term Rates in Dollars
Piano counter 0,70%
Banco Provincia 0,60%
city ​​Bank 0,50%
National Bank 0,50%
Banco Patagonia 0,50%
Itaú 0,35%
hipotecary Banc 0,25%
Rebanking 0,25%
Macro desk 0,25%
Wilobank 0,20%
ICBC 0,13%
BBVA French Bank 0,10%
Banco Brubank 0,10%
HSBC bank 0,10%
Santander river 0,05%
Supervielle bench
Meridian Bank
Columbia Bank

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